“From Russia with Love”

We’re a lucky lot aren’t we? Constantly being sent all the latest recipes and insights of the world’s greatest chefs, 12 months of the year. And our latest parcel – a set of recipes from three Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant “Les Menus” at luxury five-star hotel, Lotte Hotel Moscow – is no exception.

Situated on the New Arbat – the financial and shopping centre of Moscow – and just a stone’s throw away from Moscow’s most famous landmarks, the Red Square and the Kremlin Palace, Lotte Hotel Moscow’s ideal location, luxurious interior and matchless facilities and dining rooms make it the perfect host for a stop-over in Russia’s capital and cultural epicenter.

One of two of Lotte Hotel Moscow’s signature restaurants, “Les Menus” is where guests can go to experience the bold and experimental cuisine of three Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Classic French with a modern twist, Pierre’s dishes are served in one of the restaurant’s three Private Dining Rooms, with chefs, managers and sommeliers on-hand to make the experience a truly unforgettable one.

To get you inspired for a trip to Moscow and a stay at Lotte Hotel, why not try your hand at making one of Pierre’s signature recipes below, all from Russia with love… x

Grilled Carabineros with fresh coriander and avocado,“Granite” of French vodka and apple ice cream



Santa tea

Rock salt



Fresh coriander

Granite of vodka

300ml fine vodka (Grey Goose)



Lemon,zest and jus

Apple ice cream

Green granny smith apples

450g water

200g sugar

50g glucose

6g Stab2000


Grilled Carabineros

Grill the carabineros on a hot grill with the head still intact. Season with santa tea, rock salt and espelette.

Slice the avocado and coat with jus from the carabineros head.

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

To serve

Arrange on a large flat plate with small circle.

Granite of vodka

Boil the 1000ml water, 170g sugar, the zest and juice of the lemon in water and cool down.

Then, mix the vodka with the syrup and freeze. When ready to serve, scratch with a fork to obtain a granite and place in a small, single espresso cup when ready to serve.

Apple ice cream (granny smith)

Cook all ingredients in the water, fill up 2 paco jet cups with green apple dice, cover with the syrup, freeze and paco.

Roasted Scallops from Hokkaido with Ceps, Braised Turnips andSpinach Soup


Hokkaido scallops (1 pcs per serving)

1 cep

Baby turnips

Fresh Spinach

Chicken stock


Clairifed butter





For the roasted scallops

To start, roast the scallop (1 pcs) in clarified butter and finish with fresh butter.

For the cep

Roast the cep, whole. Once cooked, cut into large pieces and keep aside for garnishing the dish.

For the glazed turnips

Cut turnips in small, equal pieces. Fry in fresh butter, salt and deglaze with chicken stock and simmer until cooked. Garnish the trimmings with chopped shallots, garlic and parsley.

For the spinach soup

Blanch the fresh spinach in boiling water and drain. Once cooled, press and mix with brown butter, milk and salt. Then, blend, adding the liquid (chicken stock) until you have the right consistency.

To serve

Place in a bowl plate or flat plate, according to the picture above.

Black Chocolate “Marta”, Candied Fruits, “Caribbean” Ice Cream and Fudge


Fudge caramel

600g sugar

150ml water

525ml cream

90g salty butter

Chocolate sorbet

120g sugar

200g cream

600g water

60g cacao powder

160g dark chocolate

Dark “Marta”

300g dark chocolate (64%)


For the fudge caramel

Cook the water and the sugar to a blond caramel and then add the hot cream and the salty butter.

For the chocolate sorbet

Boil all of the ingredients together, including the chocolate. Cool it down and put in the pacojet.

For the Dark “Marta”

Line a mold with cling film. Melt down the chocolate until soft and semi-liquid, use to line the casing. Then, place an assortment of candied fruits in the centre and place in the fridge. Make chocolate garnishes with any leftover melted chocolate by dragging a spoon dipped in chocolate across a sheet of cling film. Place in the fridge until set.

To serve

Place all the components on a serving plate according to the image above.

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