4 pcs oysters nr.5 french

1 orange

0,5 dl vegetable oil

0,05 xantana

5dkg white flour

1dcl sparkling mineral water

0,5 dcl olive oil

1l frying oil

Salt, to taste




Put fresh oyster in a water at 60 degrees. Then take theoyster out of a water, clean them and make sure all water has drained from them.

Orange mayonnaise

To make the mayonannise, juice theorange to extract all liquid.Put in a large container, add xantamo and mix with stick blender and add vegetable oil to get mayonnaise.

Tempura batter

Mix together thesparkling mineral water, ice, salt and flour in a container. Mix until it forms a smooth and light tempura batter.

Oyster sauce

Mix the oyster water with olive oil with stick blender to get oyster sauce.

To serve

When ready to serve, dip the oysters in the tempura and then fry in oil until cripsy and golden. Place course/rocksalt on a plate, and thenplace oyster shell on it. In a oyster shell we place first orange mayonnaise, then fried oyster, oyster sause and decorate it with watercress.

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