Highly acclaimed master of unforgettable fine-dining experiences, Head Chef Eric Frechon has been practicing his art for over 20 years. Le Bristol, Paris has been home to Chef Frechon since 1999, and is now the pinnacle of fine dining, with three Michelin stars. The dishes’ combination of traditional flavours, creativity and aesthetic intuition never cease to surprise and delight guests.

This simple recipe pairs caviar with ratte potato mousseline flavoured with haddock and crispy buckwheat straws to keep you and your guests at the height of fine dining this Christmas…

Serves 8


600g ratte potatoes, peeled

600g haddock

300g butter

30g caviar per person

200g softened butter

200g buckwheat flour

200g egg white

50g wheat flour

100g whipping cream

½ bunch of chives

1 lemon

Cook the potatoes with the haddock, just covered with water. When the potatoes are soft, remove the haddock and press the potatoes through a sieve. Finish this purée with the butter and the reduced cooking liquid if needed.

Mix all the ingredients to make a wafer mixture.

Spread thin layers of this mixture on non-stick baking sheets and bake for three minutes at 130C, then roll the wafers around thin iron rods to make straws.

Lightly whip the cream with the lemon juice and then add the finely chopped chives.

To serve

In a 50g caviar tin, place 40g of the purée and cover with 30g of caviar. Spread very evenly to look like a tin of caviar.

Fill the straws with the whipped cream.