Caesar Dressing

35g anchovies

5g whole garlic

20g lemon juice

60g olive oil

20g sherry vinegar

6g wochesterhire

300g mayonnaise

Salt and pepper

Folichonne Salad

10g mizuna

5g baby romaine

Saute croutons

Deep fried sliver fish

Julienne Japanese seaweed

Crispy Langoustine

1 whole langoustine(40gdeshelled anddeveined)

Seaweed, julienne

A quarter piece of feuilles de brick


Folichonne Salad

Toss 15 grams of side salad with 10grams of Caesar dressing. Place the salad into a desired bowl orplate. Top the salad with sautéed croutons, sliver fish and julienneseaweed.


Place a piece of julienned seaweed on the langoustine from the right to the left, at a 30° angle, to make it have a criss-cross angle. After that, roll the langoustine into the feuilles de brick. Lock the ends with a toothpick.

Deep fry the langoustine for 40 seconds, and at 170°C. Season the langoustine lightly with salt. Serve langoustine alongside the folichonne salad.