FOUR Germany is Out!

12 Sep 2014
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Celebrating fine dining and reflecting the passion of connoisseurs who are dedicated to the finer things in life, FOUR Germany presents four culinary talents from the German-speaking world: Klaus Erfort, Douce Steiner, Andreas Caminada and Nils Henkel.
The Line-Up

We accompany into the kitchen and experience the atmosphere in his restaurant. While he talks about his reduced, clear and straightforward three-Michelin-star cuisine, we discover that he cooks with heart and soul.

is following the classic French line with modern touches and speaks about family and the successes and failures of her two-Michelin-star restaurant Hirschen in Sulzburg.

opens the doors of Schloss Schauenstein in Switzerland, where he transforms ordinary products into stars on the plate. He gives an insight into the inspirations behind his culinary art and what it means to him.

celebrates pure nature in Schloss Lerbach. He has stepped out of the shadow of his former master chef and takes us through the process of how to create a seasonally-influenced two-Michelin-star menu.

What else?

This edition also features a variety of contributions from prominent authors and columnists. discusses the fine-dining guest as an unknown creature in the food column; Thomas Platt discovers an unusual favourite of the fine dining scene in Berlin in the restaurant column; and dedicates the wine column to the often disadvantaged rosé wine whose refreshing complexity convinces more and more food lovers of its qualities.

FOUR Germany is also devoted to traveling, experiencing and discovering arts and cultures, starting with a portrait of the flashy, colourful and sometimes oblique artist Jeff Koons. Florian Maaß clarifies why the trendy Stockholm is worth a visit, and we discover the largest and most luxurious hotel suites in the world.

This issue’s cover was a collaboration of Danish food photographer René Riis with Kyl21 and was created for FOUR.