Simon Hulstone’s culinary career set off to a flying start. As a young, budding chef, Simon had several World Junior titles to his name and until 2011, he was the only British chef to win gold in the World Skills Awards. In 2003, Simon was awarded the Roux scholarship for young chefs and went on to win the National Chef of the Year award in 2008.

Since heading up the team at The Elephant, Simon has added another award to his already well-decorated chefs toque: a prestigious Michelin star which he was awarded, and still maintains today, in 2006.Outside of his restaurant duties, Simon has worked as an ambassador for some of the world’s best known brands, including British Airways, Electrolux, Kikkoman and Steelite.

Soy and beetroot marinated salmon with fennel pollen cream
Serves 6

Salmon gravlax

100g of sugar | 530g of beetroot, grated | 100g of sea salt | 25ml of Kikkoman soy sauce | 75ml of vodka | 500g of salmon fillet, skin on

Fennel pollen cream

1 tsp of dill, chopped | 100ml of double cream | 1 tsp of fennel pollen | lemon juice | sea saltMethod
Combine the salt, sugar, beetroot, vodka, and soy sauce and mix well. Place the salmon on a tray and run the salt mix over the salmon fillet to completely cover. Place in the fridge to marinate for 12 hours, turning after 6 hours to ensure an evencure. Scrape the layer of beetroot off gently and lightly wash away any excess salt.Pat the salmon dry with absorbent kitchen towel and place in fridge till needed

To make the fennel cream, whip the cream to a thick ribbon, add the chopped dill,salt, lemon juice and the fennel pollen. Season and whip again until soft peaks form. Use a very sharp knife to slice the salmon into thin strips. Garnish with fennel pollenflowers and small pieces of dill, spoon the cream, place to one side and serve

Kikkoman soy, sake and beetroot marinated monkfish with pickled carrot and radishsalad


500g fillet of monkfish, skinned and cleaned | 2 large red beetroots | 50g sugar | 25ml Kikkoman soy sauce | 25ml sake | 4 medium sized young carrots | 6 French breakfast radishes | selection of micro herbs and salads | edible flowers | 50g sugar | 10g salt | 50 ml white wine vinegar | 4 Coriander seeds | 1g saffron

Ensure all skin and any sinew is removed from the monkfish tail, grate the beetroot andmix with the soy, sake, sugar. Encase the monkfish totally with the beetroot mix and allowto marinade for 8 hours turning and covering every 2.

Mix the sugar, salt, vinegar, coriander seed and saffron together and bring to a boil, allowto cool. Peel and shape the carrot , cook until tender and remove from heat, place thecarrot in the pickling mixture and allow to cool, let seep for as long as needed.

Once the monkfish has marinated, remove from the brine and brush off excess beetrootmix. Pat dry and roll tightly in cling film. Place back in the fridge.

Put the pickled carrot onto the plate and garnish with thin slices of radish and the herbsand flowers. Remove monkfish from the clingfilm and thinly slice with a very sharp knife andplace beside the carrot. Serve.

Beef and Rock Oyster Tartare With Kikkoman Soy Mayonnaise and Quail Egg.
Serves 4


150g beef fillet | 20g peeled shallot | 10g gherkin | 15g capers | 15g chopped chives | 2 rock oysters | 2 drops tabasco| 5ml Worcester sauce | 10ml Kikkoman Soy Sauce | 1 large red beetroot | 1 loaf rye bread | 4 quail eggs |Mayonnaise

25g Dijon mustard | 3 egg yolks | 25ml white wine vinegar | 200ml rapeseed oil | 25ml Kikkoman Soy Sauce. | Micro herbs and edible flowers.

For the tartare, finely dice the beef fillet and the shallot, caper, gherkin and chives and mix into the beef, add the Tabasco, Worcester and Kikkoman Soy Sauce and mix. Shuck the oyster and drain well,chop finely and mix through the beef mixture, set aside.

Cook the beetroot in boiling water and once tender, cool and peel. Cut into 5mm square dice and setaside. Slice the rye bread as thinly as possible using a 6cm diameter cutter cut rings and allow to dryin an oven until crispy. Separate the egg yolk from the whites of the quail egg and again set aside.

Make the mayonnaise by combining the mustard, egg yolks and vinegar, slowly combine the oil andwhisk until thick and creamy, add the soy sauce and set aside.

To serve, place the beef mix into a 5 cm diameter cutter to approx. 4 cm high, put the crisp bread ontop and place gently the egg yolk centrally. Garnish with edible flowers around the yolk. Around thebeef, place the diced beetroot and piped dots of the Kikkoman Soy mayonnaise. Serve.

Roasted Sea bass with a crab, courgette and Kikkoman soy risotto

4 fillets of seabass 140g each| 150g white crab meat | 100g brown crab meat | 50g risotto rice | 200ml fish stock | 2 courgettes | 1 courgette flower | 1 bunch of chives | 20 ml Kikkoman soy | 50 ml white wine


To make the risotto, cook the rice in the fish stock and white wine, finish with the Kikkoman soysauce, add the brown crab meat and chopped chives. Finely dice the courgette and mix through lastmoment as this cooks very quickly. Cook the sea bass and allow the skin to go crispy. Place therisotto in the bowl and top with a the sea bass, season the white crab and place on top of the bass,garnish with the courgette flower and serve.