Chocolate, são thomé, earl grey and beetroot byPeter Goossens

Serves 4



São thomé mousse

100g sugar

400g cream

80g egg yolks

380g callebaut são thomé chocolate

130g callebaut milk chocolate

20g callebaut cocoa powder

650g cream, partly whipped


Dulce de leche

1 tin condensed milk

100g purée of ripe mangoes

1 tbsp mango vinegar


Bronze chocolate rocks

200g são thomé chocolate

3g earl grey tea

60g callebaut chocolate pearls

150g tapioca starch

Bronze powder


Beetroot and cherry tuile

300g morello cherry purée

100g juice of centrifuged beetroot

White bread


Beetroot and cherry gel

300g morello cherry purée

100ml juice of centrifuged beetroot

40g agar agar

Verjus, to taste



São thomé mousse

Use the sugar to make a golden caramel and deglaze with the cream, bring to the boil and mix in the beaten egg yolks. Stir with a wooden spoon until temperature reaches 85c and pour, through a sieve, over the pieces of chocolate. Leave to cool to around 35c and fold in the partly-whipped cream. Mix 1/3 of the mousse with some feuilletines and divide between hemispherical moulds, leave to cool and stick the two halves together. Freeze. Divide the rest of the mousse between slightly smaller moulds and press into a small pastille. Leave to cool briefly, smooth into a pebble shape and roll in the cocoa powder.


Dulce de leche

Boil a tin of condensed milk in water for 3 hours, cool briefly and mix with a purée of ripe mangoes. Finish with the mango vinegar. Place in a piping bag.


Bronze chocolate rocks

Infuse the são thomé chocolate with the earl grey tea, in a vacuum bag, at 70c in a bain-marie for 5 minutes. Pass the chocolate through a sieve and mix with callebaut chocolate pearls. Now slowly mix in some tapioca starch and roll until the desired shape is achieved, add tapioca until dry granules are formed. Colour with bronze powder.


Beetroot and cherry tuile

Mix ¾ morello cherry purée (from boiron) with ¼ juice of centrifuged beetroot and sweeten slightly. Soak in a few slices of white bread (without crust) and place in a dryer at 60c overnight. Break off small pieces.


Beetroot and cherry gel

Mix ¾ morello cherry purée with ¼ juice of centrifuged beetroot and sweeten slightly. Bring to the boil with the agar agar. Remove from pan, blend, sieve and add a few drops of verjus to taste. (verjus made from ice wine)



Place 3 são thomé mousses on a cold, dark plate. Finish off with dollops of dulce de leche, bronze pearls, crumble and the blood sorrel leaves.


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Bitter chocolate millefeuille byGaetan Trovato

Serves 8



Bitter chocolate

Chocolate pastry

15g dark chocolate (75% cocoa)

20g cream

1 egg

10g brown sugar

40g passion fruit sauce




200gdark chocolate (70% cocoa)

Edible gold leaf

150g chocolate Amedei milk

30g sugar

1 egg

1 pinch of salt

80g whipped cream

80g Italian meringue

20g butter cream


Star anise ice cream

150g milk

150g cream

25g sugar


4 star anise


Spiced truffle


10g honey


150gmilk chocolate



100gwhite chocolate

100gpowdered sugar



Bitter chocolate

Melt the chopped chocolate in the hot cream. Whiskthe egg and sugar and incorporate the chocolate and creaminto the mixture. Dissolve the gelatin in the passion fruit sauce.On a 15×15 square base layer with cookedchocolate pastry, passion fruit jelly, and thechocolate mixture and freeze. Once frozencut intobars of3x8.



Melt the chocolate in a water bath at 40ºC andstir in the butter, one third of Italian meringue and whipped cream until the mixture is elastic.Stir in the remaining cream, mixed with theegg,a pinch of salt and sugar. Transfer the mousseinto a piping bag with ribbed edges.


Star anise ice cream

Mix the cream,milk,sugar, glucose and star anise, and heatup to 80ºC and leave to infuse until cool and filter. Put the mixture into ice cream maker.


Spiced truffle

Melt the sugar and honey to 140ºC.Remove from the heat andpour in the cream, glucose, chopped chocolate and spices. Once at 30ºC seal and cool. Once cold, roll the chocolate and dip into the powdered sugar.


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Il Cioccolato byHeinz Beck

Serves 12



Milk foam

600ml milk

100g grue de cacao

25g glucose syrup

Cocoa butter

Guanaja dark chocolate (70%)


Creamy chocolate

250ml milk

250ml cream

80g egg yolks

70g sugar

5g gelatin

250g guanaja dark chocolate (70%)


Cocoa sablè

230g butter

200g sugar

350g flour

100g cocoa

2g salt


Ice cream of milk reduction

1ml whole milk

100g sugar


Rice chips

2.2l water

250g carnaroli rice

4g salt

10g cocoa powder



Edible flowers



Milk foam

Bring milk to the boil, pour the grue de cacao into it and infuse for 5 minutes. Pass through a fine strainer and add the glucose syrup. Mount in a water-bath to obtain a very dense foam. Rest for 1 minute, remove the foam, pour into moulds and blast chill at -30°c. Remove from moulds and spray with a mixture 1:1 made with cocoa butter and guanaja dark chocolate.


Creamy chocolate

Bring milk, cream, sugar and yolks to 82°c. Add gelatin previously soaked in cold water. Pour all on the melted chocolate, emulsify, filter and store in refrigerator. Once thickened, mix and store in a pastry bag.


Cocoa sablè

Mix butter, sugar, flour, cocoa and salt. Pour in a mixer and blast. Pour on a plate and bake at 160°c for 10-13 minutes.


Ice cream of milk reduction

Pour milk and sugar into a small saucepan. Cook over a medium flame and simmer until it is reduced to half. Sieve and freeze.


Rice chips

Bring the water and salt to a boil, add rice and cook for 24 minutes. Filter, add the cocoa powder and blend in a thermomix to obtain a smooth and creamy mixture. Spread thin on a silpat, dry in oven at 60°c for 6 hours, remove from oven and let stand at room temperature for 2 days. Heat the oil to 200°c and fry the chips for a few seconds.


To serve

Place a spoon of cocoa sablè in the middle of the platter and lay above two rectangles of frozen milk foam. Decorate with some drops of creamy chocolate, one spoon of ice cream of milk reduction, chocolate flavored rice chips and garnish with edible flowers.


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World of Valrhona’s Chocolate byVincenzo Guarino



Chocolate cream

25g dark chocolate 66%

25g cream

10g milk

10g sugar

10g egg yolks


Milk chocolate brownie

20g egg yolks

8g milk chocolate 36%


15g butter

15g sugar


Dark chocolate foam

40g dark chocolate 55%

40g cream

40g egg whites


Sugar sphere

50g Isomalt

3g red food coloring


Caramel ganache

10g caramel chocolate

5g cream

2g butter

2g glucose syrup



Using the egg yolks, sugar and milk prepare the english cream and pour it on the chocolate then mix and let it cool in a fridge. Prepare the sugar sphere and fill it with the chocolate foam (mix the ingredients and pour it in a whipped cream canister).

Place the chocolate cream on the plate and the brownie on top. Place the chocolate foam-filled sugar sphere on the brownie, add the caramel ganache and decorate with edible flowers and berries.


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