125g butter

125g nut butter

30g brown sugar

12g salt mix

2 tbsp mushroom powder

1 tsp baking powder

200g flour

100g chestnut flour

100g buckwheat flour


Fermented mushrooms

3kg button mushrooms

1kg shiitake mushrooms

120g salt



200g porcini mushrooms, dried

200g mixed mushrooms, dried

1 bottle sherry

2 chicken breasts, minced

100g soy

200g egg white

8l chicken stock


Mushroom gel

1l essence

12g Agar

1g Xanthan


“Toadstool” (55 pieces)

200g mushroom gel

50g crème fraiche

splash of sherry

50g egg white, whipped

50g cream, whipped

red food colour

cocoa butter for covering


Black chanterelle branches

100g rice chips

400g water

200g sautéed black chanterelles


Morel stone

250g morels fried with shallots, pacotised

100g mushroom gel

50g cream, whipped

50g egg white, whipped

cocoa butter, coloured grey for covering


Porcini tartar

200g porcini mushrooms

1 shallot

porcini powder

fermented mushrooms


Parsley puree

3 bunches of curly parsley

3 bunches of flat leaf parsley

100g crème Fraiche


vitamin C

sushi vinegar







Knead everything together and bake at 150C for 25 minutes.


Fermented mushrooms

Mix everything and let ferment in vacuum and at room temperature for a day. Then squeeze it out and only use the juice.



Mix everything except the chicken stock and let soak for 20 minutes. Then mix it together with the stock in a high pot and slowly bring to the boil. After boiling, let infuse for an hour, pass through a fine sieve and reduce to the desired intensity. Add truffle juice to taste.


Mushroom gel

Boil everything together, let cool and then mix to a smooth gel.


“Toadstool” (55 pieces)

Mix everything together bit by bit and freeze in small half-spheres. Cover with cocoa butter and let de-frost slowly.


Black chanterelle branches

Cook ingredients in the Thermomix until it’s a puree, inject into forms and dry. Then fry at 200C.


Morel stone

Mix everything together bit by bit, season to taste and freeze in stone shapes. Then cover with cocoa butter and let de-frost slowly.


Porcini tartar

Fry porcini and shallots, pacotise and season with porcini powder and fermented mushrooms.


Parsley puree

Roughly pick the parsley, blanche for 3 minutes, then squeeze and mix in with the rest. Place into Pacojet tins and freeze. Pacotise at least three times and always freeze in between. De-frost before serving and fill into small piping bags.


Images © René Riis