Sesame tart shell 

375g flour

105g sugar

210g butter

3 egg yolk

2Tbsp sesame seed


Kumquat compote

35gm Sugar

12gm Pectin NH

500gr Kumquat

800gr Mandarin puree

6 pc Gelatin sheets


Foie Gras Ganache

750gr Fresh Foie Gras

1 Tsp. Black Pepper

7g salt

11g sugar

225ml heavy cream


75gm heavy cream

8gr gelatin sheet (soak in cold water)


Soy jelly

75 gr Dark Sauce sauce

300gr Orange juice

1 Table spoon cherry vinegar

1 Orange zest

6.5 gr gelatin


To garnish

Yellow flowers

Lemon gel

Coriander cress



Sesame tart shell 

Mix all ingredients. Spread dough between two butter paper sheets keep on the fridge before use. Cook around 12 at 180 degrees in a tart mould.


Kumquat compote

Blanch Kumquat 15 minutes, cool down and then finely slice it. Mix sugar and pectin. In a pot bring to boil mandarin puree, kumquat, sugar + pectin and cook at 103 degrees. Add gelatin and cool a bit down, spread on the tart shell around 50 degrees. Cool down 1/3 to use as a quenelle on the plate.


Foie Gras Ganache

Break Foie Gras in half and pull out the main veins. Cut Foie Gras into large chunks and spread black pepper on the top. Use a blow torch to burnt slightly the surface then put into a vacuum bag. Cook sous vide at 54 degrees for 30 minutes. Next, combine together salt, sugar and cream.

Then with the second amount of cream, warm the cream without boiling then melt gelatin in. Use a mixer and combine hot foie Gras with the two additional cream mixtures. Mixed until smooth texture add use immediately.



Soy jelly

Soak Gelatin into cold water. Warm all ingredients then add gelatin, infuse 20 minutes in room temperature. Strain in fine chinois, use immediately.