500g skinned hazelnuts

Foie gras ganache

750g foie gras

15g salt

11.3g sugar

1.5g pink salt

300g heavy cream, divided (75g todissolve the gelatine)

7.5g gelatine

250g dark chocolate


Toast hazelnuts at 165 °C until golden brown.Reserve 20 whole hazelnuts; chop the rest.Take the reserved 20 whole hazelnuts for the centers of your “rochers.” You may not need all of them, but it’s good to have extras.Roughly chop the other hazelnuts. Pass through #10 and #5 sieves. You want to have about300 g of uniform-size chopped nuts for final garnish. Rechop or discard as needed.Cook sous vide 54 °C for 30 min.While foie is cooking, combine salt, curing salt, sugar, and cream. Set aside.Pipe ganache into 30 mm hemisphere molds.Cover and freeze About 1 hour.Scoop out craters in half of the hemispheres.Pipe ganache into 30 mm hemisphere molds.Fill an even number of hemispheres with foie gras ganache, so the ganache is flush with the top of the mold.

Tip |Place the mold in a baking tray and tap on the counter to flatten and even out the ganache.In half of the hemispheres, carefully place a whole toasted hazelnut in the center of the ganache. Leave the other hemispheres with only ganache.Cover and freeze.

In the center of each hemisphere without a hazelnut, use a fine-tipped spoon to hollow out a crater large enough to fit a half a hazelnut.Press hemispheres with craters onto hemispheres with hazelnuts to make spheres.

Tip |Use a blowtorch to loosen up the mold and stick the halves together. Be sure to heat gently, or you will ruin the shape.

Once spheres have hardened, clean up the seams with a knife.Using a toothpick or skewer, dip frozen foie gras spheres into melted chocolate.

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