Foie gras 600g

White truffle 50g

Coriander 300g

Ginger 20g

Chicken stock 200g

Rose syrup 100g

Popcorn 50g

Fleur de sel 5g

Salt 5g

Pepper 5g

Wild fennel flower 20g

Corn starch 10g


Foie gras

Devein the foie gras, marinate it with the alcohol of your choice.Cook in steam for 5 minutes, strain, add the sliced white truffle, roll and keep in thefridge.

Coriander sauce

Heat the chicken stock and blend with the coriander, ginger, add the butter and cornstarch blend again and strain.Cook the popcorn and let it cool. Once cold, make a powder of the popcorn with a smallblender.Cut the foie gras, slice some truffle in julienne, and dispose on top of the foie grasmedallion.Display on the plate and dispose the green coriander sauce and rose syrup.Season with salt and pepper. Put the fleur del sel on top of the foie gras and decoratethe plate with the wild fennel flower. Serve cold.

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