Raw fish

Pike and pike roe
Carp with lemon marmalade


200g catfish fillets

100g gray coarsed salt

25g hay

7 fresh bay leaves

Catfish milter

Milter (?)

Clarified butter


Green eel roll

Green eel

Smoked eel


Freshly ground black pepper

Catfish liver

125g wels liver

125g brown butter

45ml red port wine

45ml Porto white

30ml Noilly Part

1⁄2 shallots

15ml Cognac

2 eggs

Fish dipping sauce

Reduced fish stock

White balsamic

Salt, to taste


Pike and carp

Fillet pike and carp and separateit from bones. For plating cut the raw fish fillets in very thin slices.


Put the salt, the bay leaves and the smoked hay for 2-3 minutes in your Thermomix and mix it. Cover the catfish with the mixtureand leave it for 4-8 hours.Water the pondweed well and dry it at 80 degrees.

Catfish Milter

Put the milter in butter and salt that has been heated to 58Cfor about 8 minutes.

Eel roll

Fillet the green eel and plate it thinly with spinach. Afterwards, fillet the smoked eel and cut it into squares beforeputting it onto the spinach. Cover the pieces evenly with cling film and then poach it at 58 degrees for about 12 minutes in a water bath. Afterwards, cut it into 2 cm long rolls and marinate it with olive oil.

Catfish liver

Make a reduction from shallots and the alcohol (reduce until 50ml). Marinate liver with cognac and mix it together with the eggs and the reduction for 3 minutes in your Thermomix on level 6.Gradually add the tempered brown butter and mix it on level 10 for 1 minute. Season it with approx. 12 g pickling salt and 4g pepper. Cook it in a water bath at 110 degrees for 25 minutes in your oven at hot air. Chill for 24 hours in cold storage.Weigh 140g of parfait for the mousse and heat a small portion slightly, dissolve 1 sheet gelatin in it. Pitch 110g of cream and fold into the parfait with the gelatin. Peak it in spherical shapes and refrigerate it. Toss in amaranth just before serving.


To create the pondweed chips andpowder, dry thepondweed at 80 degrees. When thoroughly dried, create thepowder by putting it through a sieve.

Fish sauce

Dry the carcasses or roast them in the oven and make a fish saucefrom all carcasses plus milter and fish roe. When completed, reduce this sauce and then mix with the white balsamic and season with a pinch or twoof salt.

To serve

To createthe plate, lay stones and reeds on a plate and pour cold water on it, then put it in a freezer. When ready to serve, place the fish cuts, the catfish, the liver, the milter as well as the eel roll on theplate. Put the pike rye on the pike fillet and marinate the carp with lemon marmalade. Make sure both are seasoned accordingly before decoratingthe plate with pondweed chips and powder. Place dipping sauce on the side.