Serves 8





30g of butter

8 pieces offish

120 ml citrus beurre blanc sauce


8 shrimps

225ml citrus beurre blanc omake

Salt andwhite pepper

Mashed Carrots

75g chopped shallots

30g butter

75g button mushroom


15g peeled ginger

75g carrot juice

30ml orange juice

5g coriander

Chicken broth

Salt, sugar

75g cream


3 lemon grass

10g ginger

1 teaspoon cumin

60g hazelnut oil

100g noilly prat

200g shrimp base

200g carrot juice

5 sprigs of coriander



Lemon juice



0.05l milk

0.025kg butter

1 twig of parsley – leaves

1 sprig thyme

1 garlic clove

0.0125 kg flour

½ egg

1 yolk

0.030 kg baby spinach

½ shallots (0,02 kg)

0.002 kg nutmeg

0.038 kg grated Zbrinc cheese

Spoon balsamico (o,oo1 l)

0.002 kg chopped parsley

0.001 kg salt

0.001 kg white pepper


170 g egg yolk (8-9 eggs)

1 spoon Olive oil

1 spoon water

5g salt

250g flour (Semola)



Season the fishon both sides, bake it on hot oil,add butter and bake until cooked. Dab it with paper, set it on plate, spread it with beurre blanc and add salt.


Head the beurre blanc heated to 62°C, add shrimps and heat. Seton plate and add salt and pepper.

Mashed Carrots

Fry theshallots and carrots, add the ginger, pour over with carrot juice, chicken broth, orange juice and cook. At the end, add a thermo mix with coriander. If necessary, spice it up and adding cream.


Cut the lemon grass into small pieces and fry with cumin and oil, pour in Noilly Prat and boil.Add shrimp base, carrot juice, coriander and cook 20 minutes(thicken if necessary). Mix hazelnut oil (with mixer), salt and pepper, add lemon juice and strain.


Boil milk with 25g butter, parsley, thyme and garlic puree than let stand for 10 minutes. Strain, boil, add flour and mix. Egg and egg yolk mix and add filling. Stir for 2 minutes. With an immersion blender mixing Zbrinc cheese. Baby spinach, shallots and the rest of butter stew, season with salt, pepper and mix it to filling. If necessary, spice it up and adding balsamico.

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