Serves 4


520 gr Salmon

40 gr Caviar

20 gr Miso

80 gr Butter

80 gr Fish fumet broth

30 cc Truffel oil

1 gr Maldon salt

Puréed orange (enough for 10 servings)

250 gr oranges, rind (100 gr of the white, bready section of the rind)

20 gr Glucose

10 gr Mirin rice wine

1gr Salt


Place the miso in a pot with the broth, wait for it to dissolve and add the butter cold, in cubes. Emulsify.

Sear the salmon with the torch and set aside.

For the orange purée extract the white part of the rind from each orange, blanch it 7 times and combine in the blender with the glucose, mirin and salt until the consistency is smooth.

Spread the miso broth on a plate as a base, place the salmon slices on top (8 slices), add touches of truffle oil, place the caviar along the salmon in a thin ridge, add the Maldon salt and a mound of purée in one corner of the plate. Decorate with petals or leaves.