Grosse langoustine juste tiède, mousseline de carotte et consommé de crevettes bouquet

Serves 8


8 largelangoustines

8 redgrapefruitsegments

Lemon olive oil

Almond oil



Fleur de sel


Shrimp consommé

750g shrimps

300g carrot juice

400g water

20g ginger

Sea salt

Carrot mousse

350g shredded carrots

40g butter

150g chicken stock

Dried orange

Carrot rolls

2 carrots

To serve

24 shrimps


Place the grapefruit segments on a plate; warm when serving.

Seperate the heads and tails of the langoustines. Cut the legs offunder the tails off with scissors (and set aside), take the tails off and remove the intestines. Season the tails and pincers with salt, pepper and lemon olive oil. Cover in film and reserve.

Shrimp consommé

Remove the antenna, eyes and the legs from the shrimps, and crush. Put the shrimp paste in a pan and add the carrot juice, water and ginger. Heat until it is a light stock, and add the salt. Cook for 30 minutes, and filter.

Carrot mousse

Sweat the shredded carrots with butter on a low heat. Wet the pan with the chicken stock until the liquid has completely evaporated. Mix with the cold butter. Season with salt, pepper and dried orange.

Carrot rolls

Remove the skin of the carrots and slice length ways. Cook in salt water. Heat with almond oil when serving, and season with fleur de sel and pepper and roll.

To cook

Cook the langoustines at 55°C.

To serve

In a plate place a quenelle of carrot mousse, two carrot rolls and the grapefruit segments. Add three shelled shrimps and add a langoustine tail. Season with grapefruit powder and fleur de sel, and add a pincer.

On the side, serve the shrimpconsommé.

Wine suggestion

Saint-Pourçain – «Quarteron» 2011 – Domaine Grosbot-Barbara.

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