At his two michelin star London-based restaurant, Bo London, Alvin surpasses his guest’s expectations by serving dishes he’s created usinginnovative cooking techniques, giving new life to traditional Chinese ingredients as well as incorporating non-Chinese ingredients into centuries-old recipes to create a unique type of Chinese food.


1 red cabbage

6 pieces of foie gras, cut ½ inch thick

6 pieces of Dover sole, cut on a bias or sashimi style


Core the cabbage and peel away any discoloured leaves. With the remaining leaves, find 6 nice pieces. Blanch the cabbage leaves and refresh in ice water. Remove stems from each leaf and spread out onto a clean towel.

Season foie gras and dover sole with salt and white pepper. Layer foie gras and sole onto the middle of the red cabbage leaf. Fold the sides so the cabbage leaf becomes a bundle. Place in steamer for 4 minutes and check the fish and foie gras is warm in the middle.

To serve

Remove from steamer and allow the bundle to drain on a clean cloth. Serve and garnish with sliced or shaved white truffles.