Figs have been a staple on the British Christmas menu ever since 16th century England when they made their way, along with suet, spices and other dried fruits, into the very traditional Christmas dessert, figgy pudding.

Nowadays, more commonly known as Christmas pudding, ‘figgy’ pudding is one of those things that Christmas punters either love or loathe. And, if it wasn’t for the boat-load of alcohol which is traditionally splashed over the dessert before setting it alight with festive glee, our guess is that more of us would belong to the latter of those brackets.

So, if you happen to love figs but loathe the idea of stuffing them into a medieval steamed bun, we may have the perfect solution to your Christmas pudding conundrum….

Why not opt for thismore contemporaryFig clafoutisfrom the culinary creators at Big Green Egg, Europe,as a substitute to the somewhat controversial classic,featuring fresh figs and vanilla infused cream.

The following recipe has been shared with passionate home-cooks who happen to own a Big Green Egg in mind. If you would like more information on Big Green Egg, please visit –

Fig Clafoutis

Serves 10


40g butter

550ml milk

375ml cream

6 eggs

seeds of 2 vanilla pods

185g flour, sieved

75g sugar

12 fresh figs

250g crème fraiche

powdered sugar

Atsina Cress or a sprig of mint


Half Moon Perforated Grid

Cast Iron Griddle Half Moon

Flat Baking Stone

Deep Dish Baking Stone

Plate Setter

Cast Iron Grid

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cast Iron Grid Lifter

Instant Read Digital Thermometer


Brush the Deep Dish Baking Stone and line it with baking paper. Put the milk, cream, eggs and the seeds from one vanilla pod in a mixing bowl and stir briefly ensuring the ingredients are properly mixed. Add the flour, sugar and a pinch of salt to a second mixing bowl and pour in the milk mixture creating a nice smooth batter.

Cut the tops from the figs and halve the latter. Pour the batter into the Deep Dish Baking Stone and carefully place the figs, cut-side up in the batter. Make sure the cut side stays above the surface. Put the crème fraiche and the seeds from the second vanilla pod in a mixing bowl, add powdered sugar to taste and fold together. Store this in the fridge.

Raise the airflow into the EGG so it reaches 190C. Put the Deep Dish Baking Stone with the clafoutis on the grid, close the lid and cook the clafoutis until done and golden brown in approximately 45 minutes. Immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar and allow to cool slightly.

Cut generous slices of clafoutis placing a quenelle of vanilla crème fraiche on each one (simple to make using two tablespoons). Garnish with Atsina Cress or a sprig of mint.