Serves 1


Braised celery

15g celery root

5ml truffle water

Fassone veal tenderloin

100g Fassone veal tenderloin

6g black winter truffle

Whipped potato

30g potato

10ml cream

5g butter


Braised celery

Braise the celery root with the truffle water until it becomes soft. Set aside along with the cooking juices until required.

Fassone veal tenderloin

Cut the black winter truffles into small pieces, setting aside some for the whipped potatoes. Rub the winter truffle pieces into the veal tenderloin. Place the veal into a deep-fryer and fry until rare.

Whipped potato

Peel and chop the potatoes and boil them in a pan of water over a medium heat until soft. Remove the potato from the water and whip into a smooth mixture with the cream and butter. Add some of the chopped black winter truffle and mix well until it is incorporated into the mix.

To serve

Place some celery root and its cooking juices in a dish. Top the celery with the deep-fried veal tenderloin and whipped potatoes and finish with a shaving of more black winter truffle.