Fashionable Recipes

13 Sep 2014
2 min read
London Fashion Week is in full swing, and we have rounded up three recipes to show you which trends to look out for this year…

Trend | Big, psychedilic prints

Recipe |Cod with saffron miso sauce by

Serves 4


Saffron miso sauce

1kg miso

2 bottles white wine

75g butter

1 pinch saffron

10g salt

80g sugar

50ml sauternes


4 pieces cod, trimmed,

50g per portion

Poaching liquor for cod

100ml saffron miso sauce

350ml water

80g butter

Sauternes jelly

500ml sauternes

500ml sweet white wine

100g konjac flour

Deep fried seaweed

20g chinese seaweed

Vegetable oil


Edible flowers

Baby herbs


Saffron miso sauce

Add saffron into white wine and reduce by half. Whisk in 1kg miso over medium heat until sauce is thick. Leave aside until sauce is slightly cooled. Whisk in sauternes and butter. Season with sugar and salt.

Poaching liquor

Take 100ml of the saffron miso, prepared as above, and mix in 350ml water and 80g butter.

Poaching cod

When temperature of poaching liquor reaches 60°c poach cod for 12 minutes.

Sauternes jelly

Bring white wine and sauternes to 90°c in a thermomix. Add 100g konjac flour until all dissolved. Ladle onto a flat tray to 1mm thick. Let jelly set. Cut into circles once cooled.

Deep fried seaweed

Heat oil to 160°c. Trim seaweed to small pieces and deep fry. Drain on kitchen towel. Crush into small pieces.

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Trend | Colour blocking

Recipe |Painter’s Palette of ice cream and sorbets by

Serves 1


Plain mixture

55g unsalted butter, room temperature

55g icing sugar, sieved

3egg whites, room temperature

70g plain flour, sieved

Chocolate mixture

55g unsalted butter, room temperature

55g icing sugar, sieved

3 egg whites, room temperature

55g plain flour, sieved

15g cocoa powder


The palette

In a large bowl, cream the softened butter with the sieved icing sugar. Add ¹⁄³of the egg whites and mix until smooth. Add ½ the sieved flour and mix again until smooth. Repeat with the remaining egg white and flour. Repeat the process for the chocolate mixture, keeping both separate. Using a wood effect decorators tool, spread the chocolate mixture 2mm thick onto a silicone mat-lined baking tray. Using a palette knife, spread the plain mixture 2mm thick over the chocolate mixture using a painters palette stencil and bake in the oven for 4-6 minutes, until it starts to turn a light brown. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

To serve

Top the cooled palette biscuits with quenelles or scoops of your choice of ice creams and sorbets. Garnish with a pulled sugar paint brush.

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Trend | Back to Nature

Recipe | Zucchini “tagilatelle” with almond-coconut pad thai and tamarind sauce, fromLa Suite West’s RAW restaurant

Serves 4



4 large zucchini

Raw pad-thai sauce

100g almonds

200ml coconut milk or as required to reach right texture

50gtamarind paste

10ml soy sauce

10gmaple syrup

1 garlic clove

10ml olive oil


Red pepper,finely chopped

Red onion,finely chopped

Red amaranth cresses,finely chopped



Slice the zucchini thinly and length wise, and then place in a mixing bowl.

RAW pad-thai sauce

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend together until all ingredients are amalgamated, and the sauce is thick but loose enough to place into the mixing bowl with the zucchini. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Toss the zucchini and sauce together and plate accordingly. Garnish the top of the tagliatelle with finely chopped red pepper, red onion and red amaranth cress.

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