700g orange chocolate

50g milk chocolate

Borwn cocoa butter, to grease

30g cocoa butter

Cream jelly

300ml cream

30g glucose

15g jelly

45g invert sugar

Fake yolk

300g blood orange juice

150g apricotpurée

10g kappa

Fake white

1kg lycheeppurée

1tsp xanthan

Fake egg

70g tangerine purée

230ml carrot juice

30g ginger

30g sugar

50g glucose

3g gellan gum

Cocoa caviar

250ml milk

100g glucose

30g cocoa

10g sugar

2g alginate

500ml water

5g calcium

Cocoa earth

225 rice flour

200g butter

275g cane sugar

45g cocoa powder



Brush the egg-shaped silicone mould with some brown cocoa butter. Blend all the ingredients together and pour them into the silicone moulds. Let them crystallize.

Cream jelly

Place the cream, glucose and the invert sugar syrup in a pan and let it reach 60C. Melt the jelly. Bringthe jelly to 25C and pour it into the chocolate moulds that were previously put into the blast chiller for 5 minutes.

​Fake yolk

Mix the sugar with kappa. Add the purées, then dip in the fake yolk.

Fake egg white

Mix the purée and the xanthangum when cool.

Fake egg

Mix gellan gum with sugar. Centrifuge carrot and ginger and add the tangerine and glucose purée.Bring to boil and then quickly cool it down in a bain-marie with water andice. Then mix everything in a mixer. Put the mixture into a half-sphere-shaped mould and freeze it.

Cocoa caviar

Bring water, glucose and cocoa to the boil. On 250g of syrup base, add sugar andalginate, place in vaccum and place it in a small feeding bottle. Mix water and calcium and pour in adrop of cocoa syrup. Rinse in cold water and keep it in the fridge.

Cocoa earth

Mix all ingredients in a mixer.Spread it on a backing tray and bake it at 170C for about 15/20 minutes.

To serve

In the middle of a soup plate place the egg, surrounded by the cocoa earth.Garnish with sprouts and serve it with the cocoa caviar on one side.

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