40g spring onion

50g leek

20g carrot

1 garlic clove

20g celery

15ml sunflower oil

80ml sherry vinegar

2 bay leaves

1g salt

1g white pepper

200ml mineral water

150ml extra virgin olive oil

Foie gras

450g foie gras, whole raw

100g salt

50g sugar

Green cabbage salad

300g green cabbage

140ml cream

25ml extra virgin olive oil

50g mayonnaise

1 garlic clove

10ml cider vinegar

Honey dressing

100g honey

20g grain mustard

30ml bottled water

100ml sunflower oil

20ml cider vinegar

Onion puree

500g white onion

250ml sunflower oil

Onion cream

250g onion puree

75g cream

Asparagus salad

Asparagus green

Spring onion


Sherry vinegar

Extra virgin olive oil

Onion layers

200g shallots



Chop the vegetables in julienne and pour into a casserole with the sunflower oil. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add the extra virgin olive oil, the vinegar, water and salt. Bring to the boil and let it cool down. Strain, remove the vegetables and keep the “escabeche” to cook the foie gras.

Foie gras

Mix the salt and the sugar and season the whole foie gras. Marinate for 4 hours.Rinse, pat dry and keep in the fridge.Place the foie gras in a vacuum bag, and pour in 100ml of the “escabeche”. Vacuum seal and cook for 1 hour at 56°C. Cool down in iced water.

Green cabbage salad

Chop the cabbage in julienne, blanch one minute and cool down in iced water. Chop the garlic and fry in olive oil. Remove the garlic and in the same pan, add the cabbage, the cream and the vinegar. Cook for 5 minutes. Remove and cool down. Once cold, mix with the mayonnaise.

Honey dressing

Mix all the ingredients together and transfer to a squeeze bottle.

Onion puree

Chop the onion in julienne and cook in with the sunflower oil, simmering for 1 hour. Strain and blend the onion using a hand blender.

Onion cream

Whip the cream, and mix it with the onion puree. Transfer into a piping bag.

Asparagus salad

Peel the asparagus and chop into slices. Chop the spring onions in small brunoise and the chives. Season with salt, vinegar and olive oil.

Onion layers

Peel the shallots and boil in water for 4 minutes. Separate the onion into layers.

To serve

Slice the foie gras using a slicer and make two cylinders. Season with salt and pepper.

Place the onion layer and fill the with the onion cream. Dress the asparagus salad, and do a quenelle of the green cabbage. Place all this ingredients like in the picture. If you have an edible flower you can add it to decorate the dish.

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