Serves 4 

For the rose butter:
• 100 gr of pink rose flowers leaves
• 100 gr fresh butter

For carpione sauce of rose flower:
• 200 gr of flowers of pink rose
• 100 gr caprione sauce

For beetroot reduction:
• 500 gr of beetroot juice
• 50 gr of liquid glucose

For the risotto:
• 200 gr of rice Carnaroli
• 10 gr of fresh butter to toast the rice
• 40 gr of rose flavoured butter to finish risotto
• 40 gr of parmesan
• 10 gr beetroot reduction
• Carpione sauce of flowers (just enough)
• Salt

To finish:
• 8 Sanremo prawns
• 20 gr of reduction of smoked bacon
• 10 gr raspberry and beetroot powder
• 5 gr shiso powder (chopped)
• 5 gr chopped pink pepper
• 16 pink rose petals in carpione sauce
• 4 small bouquet of red, pink and purple flowers
• 16 red shiso leaves (fresh)
• Beetrots reduction to color the plate

For the rose butter:
1 After selecting and cleaning the flowers, cut them and keep the flowers only (don’t wash).
2 Mix them with the butter and fulfill a glass of Pacojet.
3 Put in the blast chiller and once i twill bell well frozen, put the butter in the Pacojet with flowers in order to let it be homogenized.
4 If necessary pass in the sieve. Keep in cool at 4-5 degrees.

For the flowers in carpione sauce:
1 Put the flowers with the carpione sauce . They will be ready after 3 months.

For beetroot reduction:
1 Mix together juice and glucose in a pan, let them reduce in sauce without boiling.
2 Keep them at 3 degrees

For the risotto:
1 Toast the rice with some butter; once hot, simmer with the carpione sauce of flowers, and let it cook adding some hot water.
2 Once cooked, let it become creamy with flowers butter, parmesan and beetroot reduction.
3 Add salt if necessary and  put it in a plate.

To finish:
1 Put the risotto in individual plate, sprinkle with dry red shiso and pink pepper.
2 Lay down on it the cooked prawns (boiled in some water with bacon reduction), cover with fresh flowers, fresh shiso and sprinkle with raspberry powder and beetroots reduction.

Recipe courtesy of Enrico Crippa