Egg yolk

2 eggs

100ml olive oil

Egg white

200ml cream

10g white Alba truffle

20ml white truffle oil

2 egg white

3g salt

Sauce for egg yolk

100ml truffle juice

20ml Madeira

20g veal glaze

To serve

10g Kerala spinach

2gMaldon sea salt

2mlwhite truffle oil


Egg yolk

Break the egg, reserve the white, pour the yolks into olive oil and cook at 50C for 20minutes.

Egg white

Reduce the cream with the white truffle and the white truffle oil. Steam the egg white for 2 minutes and add to the cream. Blend very fast, season, and strain three times.

Sauce for egg yolk

Reduce the truffle juice and Madeira; add the veal glaze. Reduce again, until cream consistency. Using a syringe, add the reduction into the egg yolk. Reserve hot.

To serve

Drop the white sauce on the plate. Add the stuffed egg yolk; Maldon Salt and spinach. Add white truffle oil and serve warm.

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