Serves 4


1 smoked eel

200ml sunflower oil

50g fine breadcrumbs

1 egg

300g watercress

200g nasturcium leaves

200g sorrel leaves

200g spinach leaves

50g parsley leaves

1 potato, cooked

1g xantana


Remove the eel’s skin and dehydrate at 80c for 12 hours. Once dried, freeze with liquid nitrogen and blend into a fine powder. Mix with breadcrumbs. Remove the eel’s flesh and roll out onto cling film to form, cylinder like shape. Place in a blast chiller for 10 minutes. Prepare egg wash from one egg. Dip the eel cylinder into egg wash and roll in the eel skin breadcrumbs. Deep fry at 190c for 3 minutes. Divide the leaves into equal batches and blanch in boiling salted water for 30 seconds each batch. Refresh in ice water. Squeeze out excess water and mix together in thermomix, adding one cooked potato and xantana. Transfer to pacojet beakers and freeze. Pacotize 5 times, freezing after each one. Season with salt. Arrange each element on plate.

Photography by Małgorzata Opala

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Photography by Małgorzata Opala