Serves 4


Earl Grey ganache

100g cream (plus 60ml loss)

30g glucose

15g Earl Grey tea, loose

100g dark chocolate, 53%

300g milk chocolate

30g butter

Elderberry jelly

100ml elderberry juice

ca. 50g sugar

1 lemon

1 tsp. Agar powder

½ tsp. Iota

Lime parfait

1 egg

1 egg yolk

70g sugar

150g lime puree/lime juice

2 tbsp. vodka

1½ gelatine sheets

190g whipped cream


Spray gun

Head up white chocolate with cocoa butter at a ratio of 70/30 to reach 38C.

To serve

Boil the cream with the Earl Grey tea and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then strain and heat up again to 60C. Pour the warm cream over the remaining ingredients that have been weighed together with the bowl. With a hand blender you now produce an emulsion. After cooling the ganache is firm enough to be pushed through a spaetzle press and then molded.Boil the elderberry juice with the other ingredients and stir with a whisk until smooth. To cool and solidify, pour the elderberry juice on a baking sheet.With a whisk, beat the egg, egg yolk and sugar until stiff in a bowl over a water bath. Then continue cold-beating it without the water bath.Warm up the vodka with the soaked gelatin, then add it to the egg mixture and continue beating. Once the mixture is really stiff, add the lime puree. Lastly, carefully add the whipped cream.Now pour the mixtures into molds and place in the freezer.After the parfait is removed from the mold it can then be sprayed with a spray gun.

To serve, cut out different sized circles from the jelly and place on the plate. The Earl Grey ganache can easily be formed into a braid and then placed on the parfait, which has been placed at the centre of the plate.