Serves 6



80g piquillo peppers

70g nora’s chilli paste

20g brown sugar

20g sherry vinegar

10g tomato paste

60g veal stock

2 spring onions, chopped

25g sesame seeds

40g green mango, cubed

40g green papaya, cubed

25g amontillado

20g celery

Vegetable salad

60g blanched mouli sticks

1 iceberg lettuce

2 green apples

1 blanched red radish

120g cooked beetroot marinated
80ml campari

35g golden sesame seeds

Foie gras terrine

500g fresh duck foie gras

7g salt

2g white pepper

12ml brandy


Dundee pinky sauce

Simmer the piquillo peppers, nora’s chilli paste, brown sugar, sherry vinegar, tomato paste and veal stock together, slowly, for 30 minutes. Then blitz the mixture until smooth and add the rest of the ingredients.

Mouli/mango coulis

Cook one thinly sliced mouli slowly with 2 mangos. When everything is cooked, blitz the mixture.

Vegetable salad

Season all the vegetables with sesame oil and salt (to taste) and add the golden sesame seeds.

Foie gras terrine

Leave foie gras outside for 1 hour to soften. Once it’s softened, take off the veins and season with salt and white pepper. Marinade the foie gras in the brandy and keep in the fridge overnight. The next day, put the foie gras in a terrine mould and cook in the oven at 70°c for 45 minutes. The temperature in the middle of the terrine should be 57°c. Put a light weight on top of the terrine to take off any excess grease or fat. Leave for one night to rest in the fridge.

To serve

Put some mouli/mango purée and then the vegetable salad on the plate. Add the 2 thin slices of duck foie gras terrine and put the dundee pinky sauce on the side of the plate. Finish with two slices of the beetroot marinated in campari.

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