Serves 4


Duck ham

2 duck breast

1 sprig tarragon

1 sprig chervil

1 sprig thyme

1 sprig rosemary

Black pepper, in grains


20g honey

200ml white wine

1 spoon mustard


Breasaola beef ham and turkey bacon jelly

180ml water

90gBresaola beef ham

90gturkey bacon

2 sheets gelatin

Melon and watermelon

1 melon


Extra virgin olive oil


Beech wood chips

Foie gras gems

400g foie gras

100ml Sandeman white Porto, reduced to 50ml

100ml Madeira, reduced to 50ml

50ml Passito di Pantelleria




Affila cress




Duck ham

Remove nerves from breasts andput the meat in a vacuum bag with herbs,salt and spices for one week.Once ready, remove seasonings and bake the duckin oven at 55 ° C for 6 hours.Take care of brushing both the sides of duckbreasts every hour with the sauce obtained by combining mustard, honey and white wine.Slice the duck ham and keep warm.


Bresaola beef ham and turkey bacon jelly

Cut the bresaola ham and the turkeybacon in pieces and close them in a vacuum bag with water.Bake in steam oven at 60°C for 3 hours.Filter the liquid, taking care of removing fats arise on the surface. Heat the liquid and solve in gelatin sheets, previously soaked in cold water.Pour in a baking tray (2 cm thick) and allow to cool. Dice the jelly.


Melon and watermelon

Clean the melon, remove both skin and seeds and cut it into abrunoise.Repeat this operation with watermelon as well.Place the melon brunoise over a tray.Burn beech wood chips in the oven off then place the tray with melon brunoise inside and allow to smoke for few minutes.Combine melon brunoise, watermelon, diced jelly and season with oil and salt.


Foie gras gems

Clean and slash the veins of foie gras.Make a marinade with salt, pepper, reduction of Madeira, reduction of Porto, sweet wine and seasonthe foie gras.Let stand for 2 hours in refrigerator. Drain the foie gras, place and press it in a sausage wrap, taking care to fill all voids.Allow compacting few hours then remove the wrap,cut foie gras into slices and roll them in liquid nitrogen. Crush iced slices to get foie gras gems.

To serve


Place the mix of brunoises and jelly on the bottom of the dish. Lay the duck ham over them and complete the dish according to image.