Serves 10


Frozen Cream

240g butter

240g cream

1⁄4 lemon, juiced

1⁄4 lime, juiced

1⁄4 orange, juiced

2 tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. salt

Chaco clay powder

220g egg whites

520g sugar

200ml water

80g chaco clay powder

To serve

oca root Foraged herbs


Frozen Cream

place the butter in a pot or pan over a medium heat and stir continuously as it heats. continue heating the butter until it turns tan in colour then remove the pan from the flame. add the rest of the ingredients to the butter and mix well. pour the mix into a mold and let it rest for 1 day in the freezer. cut into a shape that resembles a stone.

Chaco clay powder

Beat the egg whites, sugar and water until the mixture forms soft peaks like
a meringue. then add the chaco clay powder. once all of the ingredients are incorporated, spread the chaco meringue thinly across a pastry sheet. Bake the chaco meringue in an oven heated to 100c for 3 hours. remove from the oven and cool. once cool, place in a food processor and pulverize into a fine powder. cover the frozen cream pieces with the chaco clay powder, present on stones according to the picture and garnish with the oca root and foraged herbs.