Serves 4


Chocolate mousse

50ml chancaca syrup

50g chocolate nibs

Corn & vegetable crisps

Flower petals

50g dulche de leche

Chocolate mousse

300g melted Peruvian dark chocolate at 45°c

170g white sugar

35ml water

100g egg, whole

70g egg yolk

400g double cream

20ml raw cane sugar syrup


250g chancaca

125g water

¼ orange peel

15g dried figs

¼ cinnamon stalk

1 clove

Corn Crisps

175g corn puree

50ml whole milk

50g meringue

Drop egg yolk colouring

Vegetable crisp

30g beetroot puree dry

50g meringue

30g corn puree

25g gluten free flour


Chocolate mousse

Dissolve the sugar with the water (to boiling point until 117°c).At the same time melt the chocolate in a bowl slowly until the chocolate reaches 45°c…do not over heat.Mix the eggs in the thermomixer add the sugar syrup slowly with the machine running, Add the melted chocolate and mix well for 5 minutes.Placein a container and leave in the fridge to set.


Boil all the ingredients together until it becomes sticky or when it reaches 117°c

Corn Crisps

Cook the corn only with the water until it is very soft.Mix with the milk, colouring and add the meringue.Spread in the silpat and dehydrate for 6 hours at 53°c.

Vegetable crisps

Prepare the meringue and leave on the side.Boil the beetroot until well cooked, put in the thermomixer and blitz until smooth.Place on a cloth to strain the excess water.Blend the purees together, add the meringue and add the gluten free flour to get the desired consistency.Spread on the silpat very thinly and place in the dehydrator for 6 hours at 60°c.Once the crisps are done place them in an air tight container

To Serve

Drizzle the chancaca syrup on a plate and some of the chocolate crumbs on top with the dulce de leche and quenelle of chocolate.Decorate with cornand vegetable crisps and petals.

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