Serves 2


150g crab, freshly cooked and picked

25g brown crab meat

25ml mayonnaise

2 pc baby gem

2 quails eggs

10ml virgin olive oil

1/4 lemon

10ml parsley puree

1 egg

100g panko

50g flour

To serve

Red vein sorrel


Cook the crab in a court bouillon with Rock salt until cooked and leave to cool. Then crack the crab and pick the meat from the claws and body – Then pick 3 times on ice to remove the shell.Dress the gem with olive oil and place in the centre of the crab plate. Pour the crab mayonnaise around the edge. Season the crab meat (must be room temperature) with salt and lemon juice and place on top of the gem. Pane the soft boiled quail’s egg and deep fry at 180 C till golden brown and hot but liquid in the centre.

To serve

Garnish the plate with the parsley puree to one side and decorate with red vein sorrel.

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