“Lo Hei” is a fortune- and prosperity-bringing dish at Chinese New Year. The origins of Lo Hei date back more than 750 years to the days of the Song Dynasty when fishermen along the coast of China would celebrate the seventh day of Chinese New Year, known as Renri ‘everyone’s birthday’, with this fresh fish and diced vegetable dish. According to tradition, everyone calls out “Lo Hei” which means “to mix it up” for ensuring good luck for the coming year but also sounds like “to prosper more and more”. The higher you toss the more prosperous you will be!

Double Happiness – Lo Hei

Ingredients & Methods


  • 80g Sliced fresh salmon
  • 80g Sliced Yellow tail fish
  • 80g Shredded abalone
  • 80g Shredded cuttlefish

Vegetables, Fruits and nuts

  • 50g Cucumber -local ones, or 3 Japanese cucumber. Choose the slim ones. Use a shredder to slice. Discard the seeds and lightly squeeze out the liquid
  • 50g Carrot – about 15 cm long carrot – use a shredder to slice
  • 50g White radish – use the portion nearer the leaves, which has a milder and sweeter taste
  • 50g Fresh lettuce – cut with a knife
  • Each 100g red and green capsicum
  • 45g pomelo
  • 30g Crispy wheat flour flake
  • 50g Candied winter melon- can buy from supermarket in China town
  • Cut all vegetables into strips.Roast sesame seeds or roast peanuts tossed on top


  • 6oz Plum sauce
  • 2oz Rice Vinegar
  • 2 soup spoon of white sugar
  • Mix the above 3. Try the taste and adjust accordingly. Pour onto salad right before eating. Then add olive oil and lemon juice to the salad.


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