Curried cauliflower purée

1 cauliflower head

3 large shallots

3 heaped tbsp mild curry powder

500ml cream

500ml fish stock

150g butter


1kg monkfish bones, chopped and well washed

2 white onions

2l fish stock

1.5l double cream

Lemon juice

5 tbsp mild curry powder

Sherry vinegar

Mirepoix (onions, carrots, celery mix)

4 banana shallots

½ head of garlic

¼ bunch thyme

1 bay leaf

Rock salt

5 white peppercorns

150ml sherry vinegar

350ml port

2l red wine

1l veal stock

1l chicken stock

Raisin purée

250g golden raisins

250g raisins

1l muscat

Muscatel vinegar

Dehydrated grapes

250g seedless red grapes, ideally muscatel grapes


160g portion monkfish

Curry powder



1½ cm dice granny smith apples, kept in acidic water until use

3 pieces baby gem leaves, cut, with scissors, into a diamond

1 nice floret of cauliflower/blanched and roasted


Curried cauliflower purée

Sauté the shallots in a knob off butter for a few minutes, without colour. Add the curry powder and cook for a minute. Take the white florets from the cauliflower and chop into small pieces and add to the shallots, with a little more butter. Cook for a few minutes, then cover in the fish stock and cream. Cover with a cartouche and simmer until the cauliflower is very tender. Pass off the liquor and blend until very smooth, adding back the liquor to correct the consistency. Pass through a sieve and season with salt and a little knob of butter.


Roast the monkfish bones in a pot with a little oil and butter. Add the white onions, cauliflower and roast for a further 5 minutes. Cover in fish stock and simmer for 45 minutes. Pass and reduce by half, add the cream and season well with lemon juice and salt, if needed. Just before serving, use a hand blender to froth sauce.

Sherry vinegar

Colour the mirepoix and deglaze with sherry vinegar. Reduce to a syrup. Add port and reduce again. Add red wine and reduce again. Add veal and chicken stock and bring to the boil. Simmer, skim and cook out for approximately 30 minutes. Pass, reduce to a glaze and chill.

Raisin purée

For the raisin purée, wash the raisins well, blanch 2 times in seasoned boiling water for 2 minutes at a time. Then cover in the muscat wine and season well with the muscatel vinegar. Simmer for around 10 minutes. Pass off liquor and blend raisins until very smooth, adding back liquor to achieve correct consistency. Pass, re-season with vinegar and a little salt.

Dehydrated grapes

Wash well and place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Place in a pre-heated oven at 85c on low fan for 5-7 hours. Checking the grapes at regular intervals. They need to be shrivelled up, but not chewy. Store in an airtight container until ready to use. Season with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt to serve.


Roll the fish in the curry powder until it is well-covered. Put some oil in a pan and seal the fish over a medium-hot temperature. Add a good knob of butter and roast the monkfish, basting continually in the butter and curry mix, until very golden brown and firm to the touch. Place on a tray with absorbent paper to rest.


For the cauliflower garnish, take a medium to large floret of cauliflower and cut it so that it is flat on either side. Blanch in salted water for a minute, refresh in ice water—just before serving roast in a pan with oil and a little butter until golden brown.

To serve

Place 6 dots of curried cauliflower purée and 6 dots of raisin purée on the plate, placing the roast monkfish in the middle of the plate. Scatter 6 dehydrated raisins and 6 pieces of granny smith apple, gently warmed in a little butter and chicken stock. On top, place the gem lettuce diamond, gently warmed in butter and stock, drizzle the sherry reduction around the plate. Serve with the frothy sauce on the side for the guest to pour.