6 frog legs



65g girole

10g thrompet

Chopped parsley

Chopped shallot

Chopped garlic


Parsley foam

130g parsley puree

150g clarified butter

100g oil

20g cherry vinegar

2egg yolk

3whole egg

Green colouring



Garlic puree



40g mash potato

20g butter

120g garlic puree

Four Spicy Powder

25g nutmeg

10g clove

80g black pepper

30g ginger powder

(Blend together)



Frogs legs

Seasoning the frog leg with salt and then roll the frog leg with kataifi.Put in the deep fried with 180ºC until it was golden colour and crispy.Put salt and the four spicy powder.


Parsley foam

Mix Clarified butter, oil & vinegar together and warm to 50ºC.Mix eggs and add slowly to the clarified butter mix.Add the parsley puree then blend with hand blender.Pot in siphon and warm in water bath at 56ºC for 10 minutes.Add 2 gas.


Garlic puree

Blanch garlic 3 times in salt water.Strain garlic then finish cooking until soft in milk.Strain and continue to steam for 2 minutes. When this is done, blend the garlic and then weigh out 120g of the puree. Add the mash potato, butter and season before whisking.