Hazelnut dacquoise

70g hazelnut meal

40g icing sugar

100g egg whites

25g sugar

35g icing sugar

Caramel popcorn

220g brown sugar

60g honey

75g butter

15g glucose

2g vanilla extract

1g sea salt

1g baking soda

1 bag microwave popcorn

Burnt butter icecream

170g butter

750g milk

150g cream

120g egg yolk

70g sugar

40g dark brown sugar

7g stabiliser

12g toasted skim milk powder

Yoghurt and sponge snow (flour)

300g egg whites

60g almond meal

20g cake flour

70g sugar

60g yopol

20g sunflower oil

170g cream

2g gelatine

200g Opalys white chocolate

200g Greek style natural yoghurt

Smoked vanilla marshmallow (sugar)

35g sugar

90g dextrose

50g water

50g glucose

75g egg whites

5g gold gelatine

1g smoke powder

3g vanilla extract

Popcorn parfait (butter)

4g lota

400g popcorn milk

100g egg yolk

80g sugar

4g gold gelatine

60g butter

3g salt

Treacle tart and elderflower syrup (egg)

160g golden syrup

18g black treacle

10g bread crumbs

1/4 tsp lemon zest

1g ginger powder

35g brown butter

20g milk

50g sable crumbs

250g water

10g cocoa butter

2.5g xanthangum

100g corn puree

100g milk

50g water

12g vegetable gelatine

150g sugar

350g water

10g elderflower syrup

25g lemon juice

3g xanthan gum

Cinnamon rice milk (milk)

40g rice

400g water

120g milk

1 cinnamon stick



Chocolate bar

200g Araguani 72%



Firstly sieve the hazelnut meal and icing sugar together. Then whip egg whites with the sugar and the second amount of icing sugar to form a firm meringue.Fold this meringue into the hazelnut mixture and spread 7mm onto a silpat.Bake at 175Cfor 20mins,or until crispy when cool.

Caramel popcorn

Pop microwave popcorn and break into smaller pieces approximately 1cm in size.Bring first 5 ingredients to 120C, add sea salt and baking soda.Fold caramel through popcorn and bake at 120Cfor 1 hour, stirring every 10mins to evenly coat popcorn with caramel.

Burnt butter icecream

Brown butter and let cool.Blitz stabilser with milk and cream, bring to boil.Temper with yolks and sugar, then cook an anglaise.Cool down to 37oc, blend in brown butter and skim milk powder, then cool down and chill overnight before freezing in a pacojet canister.

Yoghurt sponge

Blend all ingredients together, place in small iSi siphon and charge 3 times. Dispense into a small plastic cup that has a silt poked at the bottom 3/4 full, and cook in a microwave on full power for 45 seconds.When cool, freeze with liquid nitrogen and crush to a fine powder.

Yoghurt snow

Hydrate gelatine, add to boiling cream and melt chocolate. Combine with yogurt.Fill iSi siphon and charge 3 times.Dispense into liquid nitrogen and crush to a fine powder.Combine Yogurt Sponge Snow and Yogurt Snow in the ratio 1:2.

Smoked vanilla marshmallow (sugar)

Cook first 4 ingredients to 140C, pour over egg whites slowly and whip till a meringue forms, add melted gelatine and whip till cool, then add smoke power and vanilla extract.Set in a block overnight in the chiller,then cut into 1.5cm cubes.Coat with caster sugar and let air dry for 2 days to from a skin on the surface.

Popcorn parfait (butter)

Infuse microwaved butter popcorn with 5 times milk overnight to get popcorn milk.Bring milk and iota to boil, temper with yolks and sugar to make an anglaise, then melt gelatine.Cool down to 50oc and blitz in the cold butter, then freeze in a pacojet canister.Spin when frozen, then freeze in a block. Cut to 1.5cm cubes.

Treacle tart and elderflower syrup (egg)

Treacle tart yolk |Blend the first 11ingredients together, set 3/4 full in chocoflex molds, freeze.

Bring all ingredients to boil and hold at 80oc, using a neede, dip frozen treacle sphere to coat and let defrost on a tray.

Elderflower syrup white |Blend all ingredients together and vacuum to get rid of bubbles.Put one teaspoon of syrup in a cleaned egg shell, followed by treacle yolk, then more syrup to cover yolk.

Cinnamon rice milk (milk)

Cook rice and water till porridge, then deglaze with milk and add cinnamon stick.Let cinnamon flavour infuse then pass to obtain rice milk.Season rice milk with salt and sugar to taste.

Chocolate bar

Temper chocolate and pour into chocolate bar molds.Before chocolate sets. sprinkle surface with cacao nibs.Let set overnight then demold.

To serve

Place a 7cm ring in the center of bowl.Cover bottom with caramel popcorn and hazelnut dacqouise, followed by a sprinkle of frozen nougat chips and a small quenelle of burrnt butter ice cream.Remove ring and cover with frozen flour snow so a small hump is formed.Place 3 cubes of butter at 10 o Clock, 3 cubes of marshmallow at 2 o’clock, and the chocolate bar at 6 o clock.Serve eggs in an egg tray and rice milk in a jug, before pouring them onto dish.

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