Lily soup

250glily bulbs, cleaned


130gfresh lilies, orange and yellow

Kosher salt

Chive blossom vinegar

75g chive blossoms, no green

500g white wine or champagne vinegar

To serve

Soup, thinned with ice water

Small lily bulbs (clean, hold in vinegar/water solution)

Chiffonade lily petals

Lily pistols

Scallion Emicee

Scallion rounds

Chive blossoms

Chive blossom vinegar


Lily soup

Sweat bulbs, then add the water and simmer until tender.Blend and cool.When cool, blend in fresh lilies and pass and chill.On pick-up season with salt and adjust viscosity with ice water.

Chive blossom vinegar

Bring vinegar to a boil and pour over the chive blossoms. Allow to steep until cool.

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