Serves 8


Merguez Spice (yields extra)

25g guajillo chile

25g paprika

6g cinnamon

4g dried ginger

24g cumin

24g fennel

9g cayenne

6g coriander

6g caraway

3g pepper

Cured Carrots

15g salt

22g sugar

6g evoo

6g merguez spice

1K bunch carrots, scrubbed, cleaned

Green Lentils

1/2 Cup Green Lentils

1 1/2 Cups vegetable stock

1 Tbs Olive oil

Salt tt

Lentil salad

Cooked lentils

1/4 cup parsley chiffonade

1/4 cup shaved scallions

1/4 cup toasted sunflower seeds

1 tbs evoo

1 tbs lemon juice

Black Garlic Tofu

453g firm tofu (1 package) drained

180g Black Garlic

200g maitake mushrooms

10g sherry vinegar

20g evoo

Salt tt

Charred scallions

16 whole scallions, cleaned and rinsed, root attached

1% salt by weight

1% sugar by weight

To garnish

Toasted chili threads

Sunflower seed oil

Shaved tri color baby carrots

Carrot tops


Cured Carrots

Compress in l vacuum bag on full setting and cure overnight.Remove carrots from bag and drain of excess liquid. toss with evoo and roast on parchment in a 375 degree oven until lightly colored and tender.

Green Lentils

Blanch Lentils for 2 minutes in water. Drain. Simmer in veg stock until just tender. Cool in stock.

Black Garlic Tofu

Roast mushrooms on high heat in the evoo until tender and colored. Add with remaining to vita prep. Blend on high until smooth. Adjust seasoning as desired.

Charred scallions

Toss scallions in cure.Sear a la plancha in canola oil until charred and cooked through.