Serves 4


Cucumber chutney

½ shallots

1 cucumber, peeled and deseeded

1 tsp olive oil

2 kaffir lime leaves

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp white balsamic vinegar, to glaze

1 tsp roasted mustard seeds

½ green apple, diced

1 tsp finely chopped coriander

Marinated candied cedrate

1 cedrate

Yellow food colouring

Fresh lemon juice

Lemon confit mayonnaise

3 lemons

100g sugar

100g salt

Mayonnaise (see the method for qty)


Cucumber chutney

Finely dice shallots and cucumber (peeled and deseeded). Cook both in some olive oil with a few kaffir lime leaves. Add some sugar and deglaze with some white balsamic vinegar. Leave to cool and add roasted mustard seeds, raw diced green apple and finely chopped coriander.

Marinated candied cedrate

Peel cedrate, cut into thin slices using a japanese mandolin. Steam for 1 minute until al dente. Vacuum-pack the sliced cedrate with parts of sugar water, yellow food colouring and fresh lemon juice. Leave to marinate for about three days.

Lemon confit mayonnaise

Rinse lemon and cut into wafer thin slices, sprinkle with half the sugar and half the salt. Vacuum pack the lemons and leave to marinate for at least one month. The salt will taste sweeter because of its contact with the acids and the bitter flavours of the lemon. Mix several tbsp of mayonnaise with a few tbsp of finely crushed lemon confit (make sure there are no pips).


Cut a cucumber into long rectangles, remove the seeds and marinate in tarragon vinegar, olive oil, pepper and salt. Fill up with cucumber chutney and turn over onto a cold plate. Then arrange the marinated mustard seeds (roast and marinate with soy, mirin and sushi vinegar), the lemon confit mayonnaise, the strips of marinated candied cedrate, some finely chopped and marinated beetroot and iceberg lettuce leaves around it. Serve separately with an ice cold vinaigrette of watercress, coulis, vanilla oil and cardamom oil.

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