Cucumber seed risotto base

2 cases ofEnglish cucumbers

2 cases ofcucumbers

Cucumber seed risotto

Cucumber seed base

Butter, small dice

Crème fraiche, hung

200g ofcucumber juice

12gofkuzu (6%)

Compressed cucumbers

Market cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise

500gofcucumber juice

20g ofseabeans

20g ofsamphire

Kosher salt

Samphire oil

115gofblanched samphire

325g ofarbequina olive oil

Cucumber juice

725g ofcucumber juice

11g ofultratex






Samphire oil

Extra virgin olive oil


Cucumber seed risotto base

Process the cucumbers by scooping out the seeds and hanging them over four layers of cheese cloth for approximately 2-3 days.After this period, robot coupe the seeds and return to hang for another day or two or until ready to use.

Cucumber seed risotto base

Place cucumber seeds in a medium size pot over high heat to begin the process of removing as much liquid as possible.Switching pots as to not allow any coloring to the seeds, cook on and off flat top (using arack if preferred) until very little moisture remains, and then set aside. Combine cucumber juice and kuzu, whisk while bringing to a boil, remove and allow to sit at room temperature. To pick up, place cooked seeds in a pot and add kuzu, cucumber juice, butter and crème fraiche as needed, then season with salt to finish.

Compressed cucumbers

Mix salt with cucumber juice. Lay cucumbers in a vacuum seal bag along with the sea grasses, add the juice and seal at 98%.Allow to sit for at least 2-4 hrs before slicing and dicing.

Samphire oil

Blend both components and hang in cheesecloth.

Cucumber juice

Blend and allow to sit.Compress if necessary to remove the foam that sits on top.

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