Luxury hotel Armani Hotel Dubai will take it’s guests on a gastronomical journey this summer with samples of the finest regionaldishes from the reaches of India and Italy. FOUR helps whet your appetite with this exclusive menu highlight of cubo cassata with candied citrus fruits and a raspberry sorbet.



Ricotta mousse

250g fresh Italian ricotta

50g egg white

100g sugar

100g whipped cream

30g candied orange

30g candied lemon

2 x gelatin leaves

Raspberry sorbet

100g raspberry puree

40g water

25g sugar

10g trimoline

1g stabilizator

Sponge biscuit

50g egg yolk

90g egg white

55g sugar

32g corn starch

32g flour


Ricotta mousse

Make an Italian meringue by dissolving sugar with some water at 121C.Add the liquid to whipped egg white, then keep whipping until the mixture cooled down.Mix fresh ricotta cheese with the candied citrus and add gelatin.Combine the meringue and ricotta and mix together.

Raspberry sorbet

Boil the water with the trimoline, sugar and stabilizator to make a syrup.Mix syrup and fruit puree, then keep in the fridge for 24 hours.Take out of fridge and churn in ice cream maker.

Sponge biscuit

Whip egg white with the sugar, then add the yolk slowly.Add the flour and spray on baking tray, 1cm high.Bake at 180Cfor 12 minutes

To serve

Cut the sponge in squares of 4.5 cm, place on the bottom of the cube-shaped Inox mold (5 cm side).Add the ricotta mousse until the top of the cube.Keep in the freezer for 12 hours, remove Inox mold and cut the center of the cube to be able to place liquid raspberry puree.Add white chocolate garnish on top of bottom of the cube (optional).Serve the raspberry sorbet on the top of the cube with some berries as garnish.

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