600g Canadian Lobster



500g coriander

150ml fish stock

20ml sweet chilli sauce

10g lemon

40g butter

40g flour

1g lime leave

1g candied garlic

100ml pineapple juice


Leche de tigre

10g bonito flakes

10g lobster raw

15g lemon juice

5g garlic

2g chilli

2g coriander

10ml water



50g dry chipotle chilli

150ml olive oil



Coriander leaf




Boil the lobster for three minutes and an extra 2 minutes for the claws. Break it and keep the meat separate. Marinate with the leche de tigre.



Prepare a roux with the butter and flour; add the fish stock, cool down, then blend with the coriander, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce, lime leave and candied garlic. Reduce the pineapple juice then add to the coriander sauce and strain twice in a very thin strainer.


Leche de tigre

Blend all the ingredients together, strain and set aside.



Warm the olive oil, add the chipotle chilli and let it infuse until cold. Blend all together, strain and set aside.


To serve

Crush the lobster shell; warm the lobster with the letche de tigre. Splash the coriander sauce, remove the shell and leave the lobster. Finish with the chipotle oil and coriander leave.