Serves 6



1 x 2-3kg turbot

200ml filtered seawater

Butter, lemon zest, black pepper to season


Crab garbure

Base part 1

2kg velvet crabs

3l chicken stock (infused with the turbot fish bones)

4 tomatoes

1 garlic clove


Base part 2

3 tomatoes, diced

1 shallot, diced

½ fennel bulb, diced

Neutral oil


Base part 3

250ml reduced crab garbure

0.8g xantana gum

20ml arberquina olive oil


Crab bloody mary cannelloni filling

150g crab meat

10g diced celery

10g diced fennel

5g diced cucumber

5g diced shallot

10ml organic yoghurt

20ml crab garbure

20ml mayonnaise



Cannelloni sheet

150ml tomato juice

50ml grapefruit juice

40ml celery juice

10ml cork dry gin

1g agar agar

1.6g gellan

0.8g gelatine powder

Pinch of salt


Grilled fennel

4 x baby fennel

Salt, lemon zest, olive oil to season


Confit fennel and purée

4 fennel bulbs

Olive oil, lemon peel, pepper, seasalt

1 star anise


Bloody mary gel

250g tomatoes

50ml celery juice

15ml gin

Tabasco, pepper, salt, lemon zest

1.2g agar agar per 100 gr mass


Saffron yoghurt

200ml yoghurt

25ml white wine vinegar

75ml white wine

0.3g saffron powder

0.5 x gelatine leaf

Salt, to season



Fennel seed floret

Fennel loaf

Oregano top

White borage “bianca”

Sea salt flakes




Fillet the turbot. Portion the fish in 70g steaks and brine the required amount in the filtered seawater. The rest can be stored for other use. The turbot bones need to be rinsed in streaming cold water.


Crab garbure: base part 1

Place chicken stock in a suitable pot and put the turbot bones in to infuse on medium heat for 25 minutes. Strain and bring the chicken/turbot stock to the boil again, removing any protein that comes to the surface. In a large kitchenaid, place the velvet crabs and add the tomato and garlic, put the spatula of the machine in (k-shaped) and let it start

Crushing the crabs, slowly, until a mushy consistency is reached. Pour 50% of the boiling stock in and let it spin for another 2 minutes. Remove from kitchenaid and mix with the rest of the stock. Brings this to a simmer and let it infuse for 1 hour. To finish, using a large stick blender, mix again, then strain into a suitable container.


Base part 2

In a large, wide surface pot, add a few drops of oil. Bring to a high heat and fry off the tomato, fennel and onion to a mushy consistency. Add ¹⁄³of the base garbure and start reducing it. When it starts to thicken add a ladle more of base 1. Repeat until it has reduced to about 4-500ml. Pass through a very fine sieve.


Base part 3

Weigh 250ml of crab garbure and place in a blender cup. Add xantana, oil and season if needed, then blend the mix into a creamy textured mass. Sieve again and pour into a small bottle for later use.


Crab bloody mary cannelloni


Mix all ingredients together and season to taste, put in a piping bag and preserve in the fridge


Cannelloni sheet

Spread a very thin layer off oil on a rectangular tray (30x40cm). Mix all ingredients together and add a small amount of salt. In a suitable pot, bring the liquids with the additives to the boil. When at boiling point, pour directly over the oiled tray and let it set—you want to achieve a smooth surface. The mix will gel instantly and any movement will ripple the surface. After 15 minutes the gel should be set and can be refrigerated until use. When the sheet is set, slice a strip of 12x16cm and pipe a layer of crab on it. Then, carefully roll it up. Place in the fridge until use (covered)


Grilled fennel

Trim the baby fennels taking off most of the stalks. Remove and set aside the loaf to be used for garnish. Blanche in a large pot of salted water until tender. Cool in ice water. When cool, dry the fennel and grill. Then season and sprinkle with olive oil. Finish off in a hot oven.


Confit fennel and purée

Put some olive oil in a small pot and add 1 star anise, lemon peel and some peppercorns. Heat for 2 minutes and set aside. Slice the fennel in a nice brunoise and add the oil immediately after slicing. Make sure that you have perfect cubes, any trimming will be turned into a purée. When all fennel is sliced—confit the fennel on a low heat until tender (but still with a bite) then set aside. Dress the trimmings like a salad by sprinkling with olive oil, squeeze of lemon and seasoning, then put in a vacuum bag and in a steam oven to cook until completely soft. In a small kitchen blender mix until smooth purée is achieved, then push through a sieve. Place into a small squeezy bottle until ready to serve.


Bloody mary gel

Roast the tomatoes at 200c until soft and nicely roasted. Place in a blender and turn into a coulis, sieve and season. Then add the celery juice, gin and the other seasoning. Add 1.2 g of agar per 100g. Mix this in and bring the whole mix to the boil, then pour into a container to let it set. When it is set push it through a sieve and whisk it into a gel. Place in squeezy bottle until ready to serve.


Saffron yoghurt

Soak gelatine in cold water. In a small pot, place the white wine vinegar, wine and add the saffron. Reduce to half. Add gelatine and dissolve. Let the mixture cool down slightly, then mix in the yoghurt and season, to taste. Place yoghurt in a squeezy bottle until ready to serve.



In a non-sick pan, place the turbot skin side down and fry slowly. Add a knob of butter and keep basting the fillet until the fish slowly starts to cook. Season the flesh side at the last moment. On the plate, place a nice amount of garbure and in the middle place some confit of fennel (make sure we strain off the oil and season it) at the side of the dish we place the cannelloni and the grilled fennel. Dot the sauces around the dish and dress with the herbs, last place the turbot on the fennel confit and serve.