Crab, alive, approx. 1200g

1 pomelo

85g crab-mayonnaise

3g tarragon

Tabasco, green

8 tarragon-macarons

Amaranth, popped


Amaranth leaves (red)

Tarragon leaves, fine

Tarragon powder

Chili threads

Crab Mayonnaise

25g egg yolk

10g tarragon mustard

85g crustacean oil

15g grapefruit oil

12g vermouth-reduction

1 pinch Xanthan

Salt, pepper

Grapefruit juice

Buttermilk jelly film

250g buttermilk

65g Grapefruit juice

2.5g agar agar

2 sheets gelatine

1 pinch Xanthan

Tarragon Emulsion

200g spinach leaves

200g crab bouillon

2 eggs (cooked for 6 minutes)

50g tarragon

50g grapefruit oil (baserapeseed oil)

50g alba oil

2g Xanthan

Salt, pepper


Buttermilk snow

400g buttermilk

200g grapefruit juice

15g starch

1g agar agar

4 sheets gelatine

Salt, lemon juice

Tarragon Macarons

500g crustacean stock

100g spinach

25g tarragon

3,2g Xanthan

64g egg white powder (albumin)

40g egg white-sil


Place crab into salted boiling water, reduce heat and allow to sit in hot water for 10 minutes.Separate pincers and legs and allow body to sit for another 10 minutes. Then, break pincers,legs and body apart and set usable meat aside. Divide pincers into four nice pieces, also divide meat from the legs into four parts. Tear all other meat into small pieces, ensuring that all meat is free from shell pieces. Mix torn meat with crab mayonnaise, add finely cut tarragon and season to taste with green Tabasco. Divide Pomelo and peel filets carefully, then twitch single segments. Add part of Pomelo segments to crab salad, set other part of segments aside for arrangement.Place crab salad into an icing bag (1.5 cm) and squeeze onto Buttermilk-jelly-squares and roll in half way.Refrigerate until arranging, then allow to temperate.

Buttermilk jelly film

Cook buttermilk with grapefruit juice and Agar Agar for 3 minutes, dissolve soaked gelatine in the mixture. Mix stock with a pinch of Xanthan until smooth and season with a dash of salt.Sieve through a strainer and pour liquid buttermilk jelly on plastic tray (Gastro-Norm). The tray should be warm to enable the jelly to spread equally before getting firm. Cool jelly thoroughly and cut into squares with 8 x 20 cm. Use jelly squares for jelly canneloni.

Buttermilk snow

Cook buttermilk with grapefruit juice and Agar Agar for 2 minutes, then add starch and cook for another minute. Dissolve gelatine in it and freeze buttermilk flat on a sheet. Place frozen buttermilk into Thermomix and mix until it becomes a fine powder. Store in a freezer.

Tarragon emulsion

Wash spinach leaves and blanch for a few seconds, then chill in ice water. Squeeze all of the water out thoroughly and mix finely together with crab bouillon, boiled eggs and raw tarragon. Blend in grapefruit, Alba oil and Xanthan while mixing. Season emulsion with salt, pepper and Tabasco and refrigerate.

Crab mayonnaise

Mix egg yolks with mustard and slowly blend in crustacean oil until mayonnaise becomes firm.Season with grapefruit oil, vermouth reduction, salt, pepper and grapefruit juice.

Tarragon Macarons

Mix Crustacean stock with blanched spinach and Tarragon finely in a Thermomix and sieve through a micro strainer. Season with salt and pepper, mix in Xanthan and refrigerate for 24 hours. Then add egg white powder and egg white-Sil and froth firmly. Squeeze froth on silicone sheets and dry in a dehydrator until mixture resembles crunchy macarons.

To serve

Spread tarragon emulsion onto a plate with a spatula. Arrange warm crab parts on the plate. Then place cannelloni on plate to give the jelly a decorative drapery. Spread Pomelo fibres, crunchy amaranth and buttermilk-crispies on cannelloni. Add some drops of Tarragon-emulsion and crustacean jelly.When arranging, add a spoon full of buttermilk snow to each jelly square, spread tarragon and amaranth leaves as well as macarons, then serve immediately.