1 x whole brown crab

Dashi stock

Agar agar

Dash of vinegar


Sea vegetables

Pickling liquor

Soy sauce, to taste



1 whole brown crab alive – a 1.5kg crab will take roughly 4-6 minutes to cook in boiling water. Once cooked allow to cool and then pick, keeping the white meat for the dish.

Crab ketchup

Take the shells from the crab and roast dry in the oven. These are then covered in a dashi stock to infuse. Pass and set the juice with 2% agar agar. Blend and season with vinegar until you have a ketchup consistency. Pass and chill.


Slice thinly and season in a sealed bag (or jar) with salt. Leave for about a month to ferment or until the pH level reaches 3.

Sea vegetables

Use whichever are in season – best when collected from the beach (but can also be bought). Wash thoroughly and season with a pickling liqueur.

To serve

Place 20g of the cooked crab slightly warm in your bowl.Cover in crab ketchup.Sprinkle on the sea vegetables.Place a slice of the turnip on top.Dress with soy to taste.Enjoy!

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