Beetroot ketchup

1 litre fresh organic beetroot juice

350g grape must

Salt & pepper to taste

15g of agar agar

Courgette flowers

Courgette flowers

20g Tomino cheese

200g tempura mix

260g San Pellegrino

1 ice cube

To serve

Red shiso leaf


Beetroot ketchup

To prepare the ketchup bring the beetroot juice, the must, salt & pepper to taste and 15g of agar agar to a 10 second boil. Once boiled, set the mixture aside to cool andwait for the jelly to set. Before bottling make sure you blend ketchup to ensure emulsification.

Courgette flower

Stuff the courgette flower with 20g of fresh Tomino cheese.Squeeze the flowers together, flour then set aside. Meanwhile make the San Pellegrino tempura by gently incorporating200g pre mix tempura with 260g San Pelligrino and the ice cube.Dip stuffed courgette flower in batter and deep fry at 185 degrees for approx 2 mins until crispy, drain.

To serve

When ready to serve,squeeze approx 25g of ketchup on the plate, rip 1x red Shiso leaf in two and plalce on ketchup and finish with courgette flower.

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