Corn pudding

250g roasted corn kernels

250groasted corn juice

125g regular gellan base

125g cream gellan base

10g ultratex



70gfreeze dried corn

60gchia seeds



300ggrated truffle (Australian)

300-400gbrown butter, melted

To serve

Brunoise truffle in brown rice vinegar

Popped sorghum seeds

Dehydrated and fried corn silks



Blend the freeze dried corn and chia seeds together to make a powder. Blend the popcorn and flax meal together to make a powder. Combine the two powders. Add the grated truffle and incorporate evenly with the blended ingredients. Stream in melted brown butter and roll out between acetate sheets.

Corn pudding

Blend on high roasted corn kernels, roasted corn juice, and both gellan bases in blender until smooth. Add ultratex and continue to blend until mixture begins to become warm. Add butter at the very end. Strain and cool over an ice bath. Season with kosher salt and brown rice vinegar.

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