Serves 4


Saffron miso sauce

1kg miso

2 bottles white wine

75g butter

1 pinch saffron

10g salt

80g sugar

50ml sauternes


4 pieces cod, trimmed, 50g per portion

Poaching liquor for cod

100ml saffron miso sauce

350ml water

80g butter

Sauternes jelly

500ml sauternes

500ml sweet white wine

100g konjac flour

Deep fried seaweed

20g chinese seaweed

Vegetable oil


Edible flowers

Baby herbs


Saffron miso sauce

Add saffron into white wine and reduce by half. Whisk in 1kg miso over medium heat until sauce is thick. Leave aside until sauce is slightly cooled. Whisk in sauternes and butter. Season with sugar and salt.

Poaching liquor

Take 100ml of the saffron miso, prepared as above, and mix in 350ml water and 80g butter.

Poaching cod

When temperature of poaching liquor reaches 60°c poach cod for 12 minutes.

Sauternes jelly

Bring white wine and sauternes to 90°c in a thermomix. Add 100g konjac flour until all dissolved. Ladle onto a flat tray to 1mm thick. Let jelly set. Cut into circles once cooled.

Deep fried seaweed

Heat oil to 160°c. Trim seaweed to small pieces and deep fry. Drain on kitchen towel. Crush into small pieces.