Serves 4


1kg of clams

Yuzu butter

2 yuzu

250g of slightly salted butter

Salt, to taste


125g of dashi stock

1 squeezed yuzu

4g of ponzu

¾ of jelly leaf

Salt base

500g of kitchen salt

Egg white to taste

Toast melba

1 farmhouse bread



Open, wash and cut the clams lengthways into two parts. Keep them in a cold place.

Yuzu butter

Mix the butter until you get a soft cream, add the juice and the zests of the yuzu, add salt to taste. Once that the mixture has hardened cut shavings using a potato peeler.


Add 1 squeezed yuzu and 4g of ponzu to the dashi stock. Add salt and jelly, allowing it to harden on ice.

Salt base

Mix the salt and egg white. It has to be thick, not liquid. Press it with a cap into a mixing bowl with a diameter of 40mm. Make three bases per plate and leave them to dry.

Toast melba

Freeze the bread then cut it with a slicer into 2mm slices. Flatten them between two sheets of baking paper, place on a baking tray and bake at 180°c for 9 minutes.

To serve

At the last moment place three clams into each shell and add a pinch of kuro kosho. Place them on a salt base, mix the jelly with the yuzu butter shavings and cover the clams with this mixture. To finish the dish place crumbled bread on each clam.

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