Chocolate and tonka coin

50g milk

160g whipping cream

1.5g tonka bean

40gr butter

90g 72% chocolate

Fondant base

4 eggs

65g demerara sugar

50g caster sugar

115g butter, melted

125g 80% chocolate

60g flour

8g cocoa powder

Pinch of salt

Chocolate and tonka coin

Boil the milk with thewhipping cream and the grated tonka bean. When it reaches boiling, turn it down andmix it with the butter and chocolate. Take off the heat and make sure it’s well combines, before putting into amold and freezingit.

Fondant base
Mix the eggs with the demerara and caster sugar. When combined add themelted butter and thechocolate.Finish the mixture off by adding theflour, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt.Pipe in to the ring, add the tonka coin in the center and cook 20mins at180c.Serve with vanilla and tonka ice cream.