Lovage emulsion

33g egg yolks

19g vinegar reduction

100g lovage oil

1g salt

Vinegar reduction

750g Chardonnay Vinegar

Lovage oil

400g lovage leaves

Grape seed oil

2 pinches salt

2 pinches sugar

Cheese mousse

360g Tunworth cheese

480g Chicken stock

3g Salt

1% Gellan F

Mushroom crumb

83g dried mushrooms

90g rye crumb

25g fried shallots

4g salt

30g salted Kombu

8g puffed bulgar wheat

10g crispy capers

Rye crumb

25g Beurre noisette

200g Guinness

210g rye flour

50g maltodextrin IT 19

Dried Mushroom

5g olive oil

6 Portobello mushrooms finely sliced

1g garlic

Potato crisps

1kg Peeled and diced potato

1kg water

10g salt


Lovage emulsion

Measure into a container the egg, salt and vinegar reduction.Blend together using a stick blender.Slowly poor in the oil while blending.Check for seasoning.

Vinegar reduction

Place vinegar into a pan and reduce by half.Chill and store in fridge until required.

Lovage oil

Wash and pick the lovage.Place the lovage into a thermos mix blend on speed 10 for 30 seconds.Add the salt, sugar and oil to cover the lovage.Set the thermo to 70oC and blend on speed 5 for three minutes.Poor the oil mixture straight into an ice bath.Once cold place in muslin cloth and leave to hang in the fridge over night.Place the oil into a piping bag and leave to hang for 3 hours.Without moving the piping bag cut the end off and let all the water drains out.Bag the oil and store in the freezer until required.

Cheese mousse

Cut up the cheese and place it into a pan with the stock and salt.Bring to a simmer and blend till smooth.Weigh the liquid and add 1% Gellan F blend with a stick blender and place back on the heat bring back to a simmer.Allow the mixture to simmer for 30 seconds give the mix another blend making sure all the gellan F has dissolved.Chill over an ice bath.Once set blend in thermo mix on speed ten for 4 minutes or until smooth strain.For service place mixture in to a siphon and charge once shake 20 time and leave at room temperature.

Mushroom crumb

Place the dried mushrooms, shallots salt and comb in the thermomix and blitz to a powder. Add the rye crumb and blitz on full speed for 2 seconds.Store in an air tight container until required. Dust the crumb over the mousse and lovage emulsion then sprinkle with the crispy bulgar wheat and capers.

Rye crumb

Melt the beurre noisette and rub in all other ingredients to make a crumb.Cook on medium fan at 1000C for 2 hours

Dried mushroom

Heat up a large pan on a high heat.Add the oil to the pan and the add the mushrooms stir continuously until cooked.Add in the garlic and cook for a further 2 minutes.Remove the mushrooms from the pan and place on a slip mat.Place the mushrooms in a dehydrator and leave over night or until completely dry.

Potato crisps

Place all the ingredients into a pan and cook on a medium heat.Cook the potatoes until completely soft.Drain the potatoes keep the cooking liquid.Weigh out the cooked potatoes add 80% of the cooking liquid (to the weight of the potatoes if the potato weighs 1kg then use 800g of liquid).Blend in thermo until completely smooth and strain.Spread out the mixture onto slip matts and cook for 1 hour and 20 minutes at 100oC low fan.Spray with water and cut in to 3x6cm rectangles.Place into dehydrator for 15minutes.For service fry at 150oC and session with salt and malt vinegar powder.


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