Serves 10 | 1 skewer per person


Chicken breast sous vide

700-800g chicken breast, bone included

4l mineral water

250g fine salt

125g sugar

40g pink salt

Seared duck foie gras

500-700g duck foie gras, whole lobe


Xerez coulis

100ml xerez vinegar

1g xantana texturas

Shallot xerez

300g shallots, halved

10g kaffir lime zest

100g Maldon salt

Xerex vinegar

Olive oil

Spring onion heads

100g spring onion

Chicken foie gras skewer

Peanut oil, to season

Kaffir salt, to season

20 kaffir lime leaves

To serve

Kaffir salt, to season

Olive oil, to season

10 pcs Vineyard wood, 15cm long

10 ceps


Chicken breast sous vide

Start by making a brine mix with the mineral water, fine salt, sugar and pink salt. Dissolve the sugar and salt in 1 litre of the mineral water, and warm over a low-medium heat. Combine with the remaining 3 litres of mineral water. Submerge the chicken breast in the brine mix for 6 hours. Remove and pat dry with absorbent paper. Reform the chicken breast by wrapping with cling film to form a natural shape. Transfer to a vacuum bag. Vacuum to 100%, then submerge in a water bath heated to 65C for approximately 3 hours. Remove when the internal core temperature reaches 70C. Cool in ice water and refrigerate until required.

Seared duck foiegras

Using a hot knife, slice the duck foie gras into 2.5cm thick portions. Season the portions with salt, on presentation side only. Sear the seasoned side of foie gras on a non-stick pan heated to a medium-high heat until evenly caramelized. Transfer the seared foie gras to a paper-lined flat tray. Cover and refrigerate until required.

Xerez coulis

Mix the xerez vinegar and xantana texturas using a hand-held blender on a low speed. Pass through a sieve, then store in a fine tipped squeeze bottle in the fridge until required.

Shallot xerez

Slice the shallots in half vertically, from top to bottom. Make a kaffir lime salt by combining the salt and kaffir lime zest. Separate the layers of the cut shallot, then marinade the center layers in xerez vinegar, olive oil and the kaffir lime salt for 1 hour. Remove and store at room temperature in a covered container.

Spring onion heads

Portion the spring onion heads with a partial, 7cm long cut through the centre. Refrigerate in a covered container.

Chicken foie gras skewers

Remove the cooked chicken breast from the bone using a sharp knife, being careful not to detach the chicken tendon from the breast. Remove any veins if necessary. Torch the chicken skin, until well caramelized and crispy. Portion the chicken breast, slicing horizontally through the breast, to create 30g portions, approximately 2.5-3cm thick. Lay the chicken slices flat side down.

Divide the seared foie gras into 25g portions, using a sharp knife while keeping the natural shape of the foie gras lobe.Season the top side of the chicken portion lightly with peanut oil and kaffir lime salt.Top the seasoned chicken breast with portioned foie gras, with the seared side facing up.Center the chicken and foie gras montage on one kaffir lime leaf.On a 30 degree angle, skewer the center of the chicken and foie gras montage and kaffir lime leaf. Under this leaf, skewer a tightly rolled second kaffir lime leaf, in order to support the montage. Gently slide the montage until the rolled lime leaf is 5cm above the skewer tip.Stand the skewer on an ovenproof surface, and transfer to ovenproof trays. Repeat 10 times.

To serve

Preheat the oven to 65C, 30% steam. Place each chicken foie gras skewer in an ovenproof container. Put the skewer containers and 10 empty glass jars into the oven. Heat for 10 minutes and remove. Transfer the skewers into the warmed glass jars.Burn the edge of vineyard wood until it smokes. Add the smoking wood to the glass jar, and close immediately. Return the jar to the oven, and heat for 1 minute.

Sear the cep in a non-stick pan. Season the shallot xerez and spring onion heads with olive oil and kaffir lime salt. Neatly plate the cep, a pinch kaffir lime salt, a seasoned spring onion head, three seasoned shallot xerez’, and a 3cm drop of xerez coulis.Serve the smoked chicken jars with prepared plates.